In Review: Big Finish: Doctor Who: Stranded 4

After crashing in 2020 London, the TARDIS crew has found the future of the universe altered.

Synopsis: In Stranded. After crashing in 2020 London, the TARDIS crew has found the future of the universe altered. The human race seems doomed. As the Doctor tries desperately to unravel the paradox, all roads lead back to Baker Street. The TARDIS crew faces the greatest test of all.

Review: Doctor Who: Stranded 4 was a marvelous character driven conclusion. The writers paid off the arcs they’ve built over the past two years. Indeed, narrative choices felt organic and earned throughout.



Unfortunately, there’s no way for me to discuss plot without significant spoilers. Consequently, I’ll limit this review to themes and highlights.

“Crossed Lines” by Matt Fitton set the stakes for the final installments. In the process, listeners were re-introduced to the Curator. 

He remained differently the same. Moreover, his presence allowed for dual recollections of the Doctor’s past. Their story tied in beautifully with the themes. Additionally, listeners were reminded how lyrical and harsh Gallifrey could be.

“Get Andy” by Lisa McMullin was a showcase for Sergeant Andy Davidson. Throughout, he shined. What’s more, listeners got a poignant treatise on what it means to be a Companion.

“The Keys of Baker Street” by Roy Gill was an important story in overall Big Finish mythology. Listeners learned the true power of Baker Street. As a result, they got a denouement worthy of both the characters and the storied address.

“Best Year Ever” by John Dorney was an hour long epilogue. The aftermath of the end was internally consistent and necessary. Importantly, all the characters were quintessentially themselves as they moved forward.



The entire cast was superb. That said, I have to single out a couple of performances.

First, Tom Price was absolute perfection. Fully integrating Andy into the Doctor Who narrative was the best decision for the actor as well as the character. Price played a layered and realized version of Andy that was years in the making.

Second, Colin Baker was incredibly heartwarming as the Curator. At this point, I would love for him and Tom Baker to act together in a “Two Curators” story.



Thank you, Big Finish for concluding Doctor Who: Stranded 4 so affectingly. I can’t wait to hear the depth you bring to the Eighth Doctor’s stories in the future.


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