In Review: Big Finish: Doctor Who: Short Trips – O Tannenbaum

The first Doctor and Steven land in a winter wonderland, which is more frosty and cruel than festive or hopeful. 

Synopsis: The first Doctor and Steven land in a winter wonderland, which is more frosty and cruel than festive or hopeful.

Review: Big Finish brings fans a fantastic Christmas gift with this new First Doctor short trips adventure, which paints a frostier and sinister picture of Christmas. The story, which is narrated by Peter Purvis who voices both the Doctor and Steven sees the duo land in what can only be described as a winter wonderland.

Written by Anthony Keetch and directed by Lisa Bowerman. The story takes place on a frostbitten Christmas Eve. When visiting Gretta and Herman the duo find themselves in an unexplainable situation.

The story is rather spooky while at the same time evoking a sense of claustrophobia and fear. The central thread throughout is pine trees, but the fun is finding out just way they are a threat.

Purvis performs all the characters with great conviction and I loved the way in which every detail from very tall pine trees to small cottages are described. The music also works really well and has that spooky sound to it that you’d associate with traditional horror films.

The story has a number of interesting and fun twists and keeps coming throughout the brief 43-minute runtime. No time is wasted with needless exposition or wasted dialogue.

Lying at the heart of the story is an environmental message, which basically says protect nature and it will protect you.

Overall. This is an excellent listen from start to finish. A cautionary tale, which doesn’t go overboard or ever become too preachy. Peter Purvis does a fantastic job with all the characters and the writing is both very descriptive with some awesomely executed character beats. I very much doubt you’ll ever look at a Christmas Tree the same way after you listen to this.

You can purchase your own copy of Doctor Who: Short Trips РO Tennenbaum here at the Big Finish website.

Big Finish: Doctor Who: Short Trips - O Tannenbaum
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