In Review: Big Finish: Doctor Who: Ravenous 4

The Ravenous are the most relentlessly voracious creatures ever to haunt a Time Lord, and they now have the Doctor’s scent.

Synopsis: The Ravenous are the most relentlessly voracious creatures ever to haunt a Time Lord, and they now have the Doctor’s scent. The only thing left to do is stand and fight. It will take a monster to defeat a monster. But what will be the cost?

The past, the present, and the future conspire against the Doctor as he fights to defeat the only creature ever to strike fear into the hearts of a Time Lord.

Review: This 4th Ravenous Box Set brings the story to a satisfactory endpoint and even gives us a few callbacks along the way.

The Stories

The three stories contained are all very different, but all cleverly tie together as layers of the story are peeled away like an onion to produce a satisfying endpoint.

‘Whisper’ by Matt Fritton sees the Doctor and the Tardis crew taking some respite to recover from their previous run-ins with the Ravenous. The Eleven who is supposedly turning over a new leaf needs time to recuperate. To this end, the Tardis crew visit The Still Foundation where all they find is a small group of survivors and a dangerous enemy that is stalking them.

‘Planet of Dust’, which is also by Matt Fritton sees the Doctor and his companions visit a desert planet where the occupants are being enslaved by The Master, who has them digging for a Time Lord artifact and is paying them with water. This story very cleverly links into the two-hour finale, which sees The Master and The Eleven going after the same artifact, but for very different reasons.

‘Day of the Master’ by John Dorney sees the Tardis team split up. The Doctor is out exploring the Vortex where he meets with Artron who holds the key to the origins of the Ravenous. Liv Chenka is trying to find the Doctor and is seemingly hindered by a mysterious old man. Helen has found herself teamed with Missy where they are searching for a God on a war-torn and lifeless London of the far future.

The Acting

The acting throughout this box set is absolutely brilliant. Eric Roberts is given a third opportunity to play The Master and somehow manages to pull out a much better performance than he did in the television movie, which is probably as much to do with the writing as it is to do with the acting. His scenes with Michelle Gomez as Missy are an absolute hoot as she teases him about his accent. Also on great form is Derek Jacobi as the War Master, who is very slow to reveal himself to a shocked Liv Chenka.

Mark Bonnar is terrific as the Eleven, and of course, Paul McGann and the regular cast do a stunning job of bringing these stories to life.


This is a brilliant conclusion to The Ravenous storyline, which has been wowing listeners for the last 18 months. I loved how it called back to both ‘Better Watch Out’ and ‘Fairytale of Salzburg’ as a clever way of giving us some of Artron’s backstory, which also proved to be a useful story device for sorting out the Ravenous.

I also loved the fact that it wasn’t too clear if the different incarnations of the Master were there to help or hinder until the very end of the story. I also love the fact that the fate of the Eleven is still in the air.

Overall. A wonderful close to what has been a spectacular 4 volume story arc.

Big Finish: Doctor Who: Ravenous 4
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