In Review: Big Finish: Doctor Who – Doom Coalition Vol 1

The Doctor and companion Liv Chenka are tasked with tracking down an escaped criminal The Eleven.

Synopsis: The Doctor and companion Liv Chenka are tasked with tracking down an escaped criminal The Eleven.

Review: This five disk set includes stories from Matt Fitton, John Dorney, Marc Platt and Edward Collier.

The four stories as with a majority of these box sets tell one over arcing story and this one starts with ‘The Eleven’, which tells the story of The Eleven’s escape from a high security prison. Paul McGann’s Doctor is on good form here as he inevitably has to take on the security authority of Gallifrey in order to try and recapture The Eleven. The Doctor and he have a past history in that it was he that brought The Eleven in the first time.

Mark Bonnar is perfect casting as The Eleven and brings a multitude of different vocal inflections to the role of a very, very disturbed former Time Lord who seems to switch between the different distinct personality’s of his previous regenerations.

This first story in the set by Matt Fitton sets everything up perfectly.

The second story ‘The Red Lady’ by John Dorney is perhaps my least favorite of the four.

Set in the 1960s the story plays out like a rather spooky mystery in which sees The Doctor and Liv trying to find an artifact which seems to have created the anomaly, which they have fallen though. I found the pacing of this story a little slow after having just got through a pretty slick introduction.

This said Dorney’s script does deal well with highlighting sexism, which was in the work place a lot more back in the 60s and the story if nothing else introduces us to Helen Sinclair who follows them in the Tardis for the remaining two adventures.

Marc Platt takes the prize for perhaps my favorite story from this set, which is appropriately called ‘The Galileo Trap’

The story sees The Doctor, Liv and Helen visiting the streets of Florence in response to a distress call from world renowned astronomer Galileo.

During their visit they find the city is under threat from a mysterious plague, which winds up being the work of alien criminals Fortuna and Cleaver who have Galileo held captive in a Villa.

As you’d have guessed. The whole plot is the work of The Eleven who has contracted Fortuna and Cleaver to capture the Doctor.

Harry Myers is absolutely fantastic value as Cleaver who is just the slightest bit unstable and seems to get more and more out of control as the story progresses.

Also worth a mention is John Woodvine who did great with his interpretation of Galileo.

I loved this story due to the fact that The Doctor knowingly walks into a trap in order to check on the well being of his old friend Galileo. I loved the exchanges that Paul McGann shares with Galileo and the later exchanges that he has with Cleaver and Fortuna are also brilliant fun.

The final story ‘The Satanic Mill’ by Edward Collier brings proceedings to a pitch perfect end as the Doctor and The Eleven confront each other in a final battle of wits.

The verbal exchanges between McGanns Doctor and The Eleven are fantastically written and the notion of a vast Victorian factory floating in the deep of space is so much fun. Its a visual that sits perfectly in the minds eye while listening to this, but I’d so like to see this brought into the TV series.

With villains like The Eleven, Cleaver and Fortuna. The writers of these audios should really be creating villains for the new series.

Sound wise all these episodes are really, really strong and the music score throughout is fantastic and works really well.

All the actors are give really strong performances.

Big Finish: Doctor Who - Doom Coalition Vol 1
  • The Doctor, The Eleven and Cleaver
  • I wasn't really to invested in the second story
  • Stories
  • Acting
  • Music and Sound Effects

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