In Review: Big Finish: Doctor Who – Doom Coalition 4

The Doctor has been disposed of, and the end of the universe is nigh. There will only be one winner, but how many will lose?

Synopsis: The Doctor has been disposed of, and the end of the universe is nigh. There will only be one winner, but how many will lose?

Review: The Doctor’s troubles with his own people continue as he contends with the mad time lord The Eleven, Padrac as well as the weeping angels.

Paul McGann is in fine form as ever with his ongoing series of Doom Coalition adventures, but this time out the stakes could mean the very end of time as we know it.

As with previous releases all four stories are interlinked to make a whole and these four stories are fantastic in both character drama and scope.

‘Ship in a Bottle’ by John Dorney is pretty much what it says on the tin. The Doctor, Liv and Helen are trapped inside a shuttle, which is hurtling full tilt into the future. The final destination oblivion.

This story forces the Doctor and his companions to work together in order to find a way to stop the shuttle and hope for rescue.

The performances of Paul McGann, Nicola Walker and Hattie Morahan in this episode are incredible. I loved the fact that the Doctor is very close to just giving up and accepting an uncertain future. Yet it is Helen and Liv that are trying to stay optimistic.

The script by John Dorney is tight and full of great dialogue. Which is delivered superbly by the cast.

‘Songs of Love’ by Matt Fitton brings us an adventure that involves River Song who is covertly lending a hand to the Doctor and his companions by infiltrating the ancestral seat of the Time Lords.

In this adventure River Song is far more subdued than the flirtatious mischief maker that we have all come to know and love from the series. I actually like this more business like version better. Especially when she is interacting with Padrac.

Alex Kingston is superb and matches the cunning and maliciousness of the rogue time lords brilliantly.

‘The Side of the Angels’ by Matt Fitton pick up with Liv and Helen in a futuristic New York, which is being overseen by Cardinal Ollistra. This story has an impressive rogues gallery, which includes The Meddling Monk, The Eleven and the Weeping Angels.

The first few minutes of this set the scene of a future New York, which according to Helen looks far bigger than the New York of the 1970’s, which she saw on television.

It then picks up pace and becomes a battle for Survival in which the Doctor has to outwit some of the most dangerous Time Lord minds as well as the troublesome Weeping Angels.

Matt Fitton writes the action really well, but also allows time for the listener to breath and take in the whole world and character beats as the endgame unfolds.

This is my favourite of the the four episodes.

‘Stop the Clock’ by John Dorney sees the Doctor and his companions having to put and end to Padre’s plot. They have to stop the end of the universe.

The character beats throughout this final chapter of the set are brilliant and I particularly enjoyed the final few minutes in which the Doctor and Padrac part ways and come to terms with the fact that they are no longer friends.

The story still has a pretty good pace, but its a little more inward looking than the all out action of the story that immediately proceeds it.

McGann and Robert Bathurst are fantastic as The Doctor and Padrac.

All four of these stories have some foreshadowing for both River Songs story as well as the Time War, which sees The War Doctor having to fight alongside Ollistra.

A must have for those that have been following the series as well as those that are fans of River Song.

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