In Review: Big Finish: Doctor Who: After the Daleks

An Early Adventure, which has been over 50 years in the making
After the Daleks

Synopsis: In After the Daleks. The Dalek Invasion of Earth is over, but there’s still so much left to do. Susan is trying to help rebuild society as best she can, but some people don’t see it as a chance to restore what was lost. Some people see it as a chance to claim power for themselves.


The Story

This story is a direct sequel to The Dalek Invasion of Earth, which was the second ever Dalek Story to air on the BBC. Set shortly after the Doctor’s goodbye speech to his granddaughter Susan. The action picks up with David and Susan coping with the aftermath of the invasion. But Susan is also dealing with the loss of her Grandfather. However, she is given little time to think about that as she gets sucked into a political campaign.

Susan’s challenger for the reigns of power is Marcus Bray. A former governor from one of the old pre-war districts, and a politician that doesn’t play nice. While simultaneously taking on Bray. Susan also helps David’s friend Jenny Chaplin with her brother Victor, who is still a mindless Roboman. Added to that. The gang also has to figure out what the creature is that has escaped from the last remaining Dalek ship.


The Acting

Carole Ann Ford is brilliant as always in the role of Susan and pretty much picks up the character almost as easy as putting on a new coat. She also provides some narration during the story. The scenes she has with David who is played by Sean Biggerstaff felt very natural. And Biggerstaff was easy to believe in the role, which was originated by Peter Fraser.

Jonathan Guy Lewis makes for a compelling and manipulative villain in his role as Marcus Bray. I loved how leery and sarcastic the character was. Especially when he had the upper hand. In fact the use of propaganda throughout. And the back and forth between Susan and Marcus Bray is a really compelling aspect of the story. This is both a credit to good writing from Roland Moore and fantastic acting from the actors involved.



As a pretty big fan of the Dalek episode that this story is a sequel too. I was really impressed with how this story managed to tackle the good and bad in human nature. But also juggled that with some fairly exciting action beats.

To sum up. After the Daleks works brilliantly as a sequel to the classic Dalek Invasion of Earth serial from Doctor Who’s second season, which was way back in 1964. The story makes good use of key characters from the classic story. And the production made some great casting choices when it came to recasting David and Jenny.

Big Finish: Doctor Who: After the Daleks
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