In Review: Big Finish: Blake’s 7 – Scimitar

The crew of the Liberator awaken to find one of their own missing. Where is Dayna? Has their friend been taken or has she deserted them?

Synopsis: The crew of the Liberator awaken to find one of their own missing. Where is Dayna? Has their friend been taken or has she deserted them?

The search for Dayna leads them to a deserted ship in the middle of a dangerous asteroid field.

But what is the secret of the Scimitar and can Avon get every member of his crew out of the asteroid field alive?

Review: In this story written by Trevor Baxendale the dysfunctional crew of the Liberator find themselves led on a merry old chase as they try and find Dayna who as mysteriously vanished from sight.

This episode is set during the third season of Blake’s 7 in which Avon took command of the crew after the departure of Blake. Its actually my favorite era of the classic series.

At the start we are treated to some wonderful comedy in which the computer Orac once again demonstrates his complete disregard for a fellow crew member when asked for information about their last movements.

As ever the voice performances the cast are absolutely top notch and utterly believable.

I especially enjoyed the moments where the group are arguing after the apparent death of Grant.

Avon once again played by Paul Darrow gets to make a fantastic little speech about Del Grant in which he calls his fallen friend a mercenary of the highest order.

The search for Dayna however leads to a much deeper mystery involving the Scimitar.

Lisa Bowerman directs this one and does her usual grand job of balancing out the action with the character development.

The sound effects in this story are as especially good and do a really good job of evoking the feel of the classic series.

It is amazing that Big Finish are able to maintain the high quality storytelling that they have been able to provide with this series of ‘Blake’s 7’ releases. I’m yet to listen to one of their ‘Blake’s 7’ releases that I don’t like.

If I have one criticism of this episode. It is that the story seems to wrap up a little fast, but on the up side we know that there is more coming because they still need to find Dayna.

Big Finish: Blake's 7 - Scimitar
  • Great acting and direction
  • Story wraps up a little to fast
  • Story
  • Acting
  • Direction
  • Sound Production

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