In Review: Big Finish: Bernice Summerfield Vol 04: Ruler Of The Universe

Bernice finds herself in the Unbound universe to help the President of the universe aka The Doctor

Synopsis: Bernice Summerfield is still trapped in a dying universe with the wrong Doctor. Things have taken a turn for the worse – the Doctor has become President Of The Universe and, it turns out, he’s a controversial choice for the job.

Review: The fun and games continue as Bernie and the Doctor from the unbound universe work together and apart in order to try and prevent the end of the universe.

These four interlinked stories prove to be absolutely awesome with a lot of laughs along the way.

The fun kicks off with ‘The City And The Clock’, which is written by Guy Adams.

This opening episode sees Bernie on a dig in search of the mythical Apocalypse Clock. While the Doctor seems to be struggling with the headaches of political office and isn’t beyond using a little spin in order to get what he wants.

David Warner and Lisa Bowerman are excellent throughout this box set and this opening story sets things up perfectly and gives us a glimpse at how much more Warner’s take on The Doctor is so much more crafty than the Doctor from the classic universe. Warner does things that would make added layers of hair sprout forth from Sylvester McCoy’s chest. He’s unreal.

The second episode ‘Asking For A Friend’ by James Goss. Sees the Doctor seek out professional help from a psychiatrist. The back and forth in the conversation between the Doctor and his shrink are brilliant fun.  The actor who plays the Doctor’s therapist does a great job of holding her own in the many scenes she shares with David Warner. Of course by the close of this story. The Doctor comes to realize that his problems are far too big for one therapist to handle.

Episode three ‘Truant’, which is written by Guy Adams sees the Doctor abandoning his presidential duties in order to try and effect change like only he can. With Bernie hot on his heels. The Doctor is having one hell of an adventure. Which includes a fun moment where he gets very, very drunk.

The finale episode ‘The True Saviour Of The Universe’ by James Goss sees the Doctor called in to face a trial of his competence. But the trail could well be the least of The Doctor’s problems.

The Master is about and he is trying to make out that he is not interested in the role of President of the Universe, but will Bernice believe him.

This finale episode wraps up what has been a brilliant collection of stories. David Warner and Lisa Bowerman are excellent throughout the whole set and Sam Kisgart interpretation of The Master works out really well.

Overall a great box set, which gives us a much different interpretation of the Doctor than we are used to.

  • You can pick up your own copy of this box set here at Big Finish. 
Bernice Summerfield Vol 04: Ruler Of The Universe
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