In Review: Betty Page #4

Someone wants to enslave American minds… but who’s behind it all?

Synopsis: Someone wants to enslave American minds… but who’s behind it all? The Sky Science Cult? Pacific Aerospace Technologies? Ol’ Joe Stalin himself? None of them is a match for Bettie Page, as our high-heeled heroine goes toe-to-toe with the worst 1951 has to offer in the fourth and final Hollywood chapter of The Secret Diary of Bettie Page, as revealed by David Avallone and Colton Worley.

Review: The fourth issue sees Betty take on the Monster aka Professor Benway, who happens to be the mad scientist behind the flying saucer and the abduction of Chapain’s wife.

Once again writer David Avallone draws on his vast knowledge of pulp stories and trends of the period to spin an almighty tale with some fun twists. I especially loved Betty when you referred to what is now thought of as a cliche. The villain laying out their plans for a captive audience is the cliche concerned here, but not wanting to be topped. Avallone has Betty mention both Ian Flemming and Doc Savage in the same passage. He then has her go on to explain why it is thought of as such.

Benway’s plan is classic pulp in every sense of the word. I enjoyed the back and forth dialogue between Betty and Benway as she slowly teased every detail of his plan out of him.

The artwork in this issue was phenomenal. I really enjoyed Colton Worley’s take on Flying Saucer’s and the final few pages in which Betty faces off again Benway were really well choreographed.

The colors were fantastic and the humor of Betty having to strip down to her swimwear in order to escape the flying saucer was pretty much expected, but not half as much fun without the dramatic build up. With just one issue left to go. I shudder to think of what Avallone might come up with next.

Betty Page #4
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