In Review: Bettie Page Vol. 2 #5

Bettie meets Nessie in a brand new story arc.

Synopsis: Bettie Page has saved the world a few times now, and has earned some time off, so her boss books her a nice little vacation in Scotland, at a quiet little fishing town on the banks of…Loch Ness. What could go wrong? The legendary model comes face to face with another kind of legend, as Bettie meets Nessie.

Review: Following on from having saved the Queen of England. Bettie is now sent to Scotland with the Tunguska Star for a brief holiday.

The Story

Bettie is sent on a holiday to Scotland, but as always things are not as they seem. While on the banks of Loch Ness. Bettie and her friends have themselves a close encounter with some old enemies from their mission in Cannes and face a monster.

The Artwork

Doing the art duties in this story arc is Jordan Michael Johnson who does some fantastic drawings of the monster and also does a really cool bit of work where we see hints of the monster under the Loch. The eventual meeting with Nessie is wonderfully drawn as is the confrontation between Bettie and the Russian agents.


Bringing the Tunguska Star back into the story was a great idea and I loved how it was used as a way for Nessie to communicate with Bettie. I also love the fact that David Avallone is giving us a story in which Bettie is sent on a quest of sorts in order to save the world from a fate far more monstrous than Nessie.

The artwork is wonderful throughout and we get some wonderful colour work from Valentino Pinto and some nice clear lettering from Taylor Esposito.

Given how this issue closes. I’m psyched to get my mits on the second issue of this arc, which is a whole month away. Hopefully, it goes by fairly quickly.

Bettie Page Vol. 2 #5
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