In Review: Bettie Page: Unbound #8

The ultimate conspiracy against America has gone deeper than anyone could have possibly imagined.

Synopsis: The ultimate conspiracy against America has gone deeper than anyone could have possibly imagined. Is there anyone who can uncover the truth in time? Is the end in sight? Is there anyone that can save us?

Review: The Invasion of the Body Snatchers done the Bettie Page way continues and this issue reveals a fair bit of trouble for our sultry secret agent.

The Story

Having escaped the alien base in last month’s issue. Bettie sets off for New York to try and warn her friends but doesn’t count on the fact that the aliens that have taken over the Washington base have already made a copy of her. Now faced with an Alien that looks exactly like her Bettie has to think on her feet in order to try and get away from Alien Bettie and her drones. What ensues is a brilliantly fun battle of wits as Bettie works to figure out what the Alien’s weaknesses are. The first thing she figures out is that the Alien bugs were not fully able to render their version of her to contain all of her knowledge. And secondly, she learned that they can’t fight very well when they are first getting used to their human meat suits.

The Artwork

We have three artists credited on this issue. Matt Gaudio, Julius Ohta, and Pasquale Qualano. So it is intriguing to know how the art was split three ways given that there are some really nice pages in this issue. The final panel on the first page is a wonderful look of surprise on Betties’ face as she meets her double. The only way to differentiate the two is by the fact that they are wearing a different colored dress, which appears to be in the same style. Page 7 gives a fun action beat, which sees Bettie kick a goon to the stomach. The use of the train interior on this comic is clever and puts me in mind of a lot of the old spy movies of the 1950s and 1960s. I was just waiting for a knife to pop out of the point of alien Bettie’s shoe, which would have been a homage to my favorite Bond movie from the 1960s era.


David Avallone has managed another solid issue and over the last two and a bit years has sold me on the idea of Bettie Page being a super spy. I’m just waiting for some of these stories to be made into movies of video games.

Bettie Page: Unbound #8
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