In Review: Bettie Page: Unbound #7

A mysterious, invisible enemy is closing in on Model Agent Bettie Page

Synopsis: A mysterious, invisible enemy is closing in on Model Agent Bettie Page, and she doesn’t know where to turn or who to trust. Can she infiltrate and expose this deadly conspiracy in time to save the world? The Invasion of the Bettie Snatchers continues!

Review: At last. Bettie page faces off against bug-eyed monsters.

The Story

Picking the story up from the last issue. Bettie has returned to Washington DC to find out why she has essentially been let go from her job. Upon arrival, she finds her old boss McKnight who seems to be possessed and isn’t in his right mind. McKnight sees Bettie and hands her over to the soldiers who take her underground where she is confronted with the cause. The Washington Complex of US Military Intelligence has been taken over by giant-sized Alien Bees. And they do not want Bettie for her honey.

The Artwork

Artist Kewber Baal has a great deal of fun in this issue with lots of panels in which Bettie is been roughed up by giant bees.

The opening panel in which Bettie and the soldiers are walking across a bridge that overlooks the giant bees is really nicely done. The art style has a nice tinge of a 1950s newspaper strip. I loved the moment where one of the bees comes close to Bettie and says, “Next Evolution” in a very exaggerated way.


David Avallone delivers a solid second issue in this story arc, which really goes to town with the 1950’s science fiction B-Movie trope of giant insects and reds under the bed. And Bettie’s one-liners continue to be on point as does her bravery and willingness to leap before looking.

I particularly liked all the backstory that we get in this issue as well. Backstory in which we learn that she was abused as a child and wound up in an abusive relationship before she moved to New York and became a glamour model.

Overall. Another great issue.

Bettie Page: Unbound #7
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