In Review: Bettie Page: Unbound #6

Invasions of the Bettie Snatchers

Synopsis: It’s almost 1953, and Americans are afraid. There are flying saucers in the sky, a Commie spy under every bed…and something even more dangerous might be attacking America…from within! It’s up to Model Agent Bettie Page to find out what it is…and stop it.

Review: A fabulous new story arc kicks off as our intrepid model agent gets to work once again.

The Story

When Colonial Finney drops by the office to see McKnight and Bettie they both smell a rat when he pulls a gun on them and seeming attempts to kill them. As he is overpowered the Colonial says, “You can’t stop the next evolution” before throwing himself out the office window.  McKnight orders Bettie to lay low until he gets word to her. With that mind, Bettie enjoys a visit with Lyssa and enjoys a meal with Lyssa’s parents. But the fate of Colonial Finney and what it all might mean isn’t too far away in her mind.

The Artwork

Julius Ohta provides some solid art for this issue. As always his visual knowledge of the period fashions and vehicles is right on point as is his drawings of Bettie and the whole gang. There is a sequence of panels in this issue where Bettie is trying to lose a tail and walks into a salon and leaves by the back door. I loved the panel of her leaving through an alleyway. It had that very 1950s spy thriller vibe to it.

The most fun though is when Bettie makes it to Washington and finds herself taken prisoner in an underground complex that would make Ernst Stavro Blofeld blush.


This is a really promising start to a new story arc, which has the feel of a classic 1950s B-Movie in which America is in terror of the commie threat. I loved the whole, “You can’t stop the next evolution” aspect of it and the fact that Bettie’s spycraft has improved so much since we first met her.

Overall. Bring on issue two. It’s got to be more exciting than Christmas.

Bettie Page: Unbound #6
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