In Review: Bettie Page: Unbound #4

For this months issue. David Avallone conjures up Tinker Bettie.

Synopsis: Bettie’s next stop on her dimension-hopping quest finds her six inches tall…with gossamer wings. Can one tiny adorable sprite stop the most powerful creatures in the multiverse from throwing it all into chaos and destruction?

Review: Betties dimension-hopping adventures come to a close in this issue. As Bettie becomes a fairy and somewhat lethal with the pixy dust.

The Story

Following on from the last issue. Azathoth had snatched the four portal keys from Bettie and traveled back to the prison dimension of R’lyeh. Luckily Bettie was able to follow the demonic monster through, but she now has to figure out how to steal the keys back and return home to New York. Thankfully a pirate ship is nearby and Bettie sees an opportunity to concoct a plan with a bit of help from the most unlikely of sources.

The Artwork

Julius Ohta delivers some stunning pages for this issue. I particularly liked seeing Bettie Page in her fairy form. I mean let’s face it. No grown man wants Tinker Belle. But most would settle for Betty Belle or even Tinker Bettie. Joking aside the artwork in this issue is brilliant and Ohta is given a lot of great stuff to work with such as Monsters, Pirate Ships and Betties best mate dressed as Peter Pan riding a crocodile. This is the sort of stuff that I imagine most visual artists dream of being able to do on a regular basis because it looks like Ohta had a ton of fun drawing this issue because of the attention to detail and the love of doing the work really shines through.


David Avallone delivers again with this final issue of the current arc of Bettie Page, but he leaves enough at the end of the issue to begin a new story arc, which may involve pirates and crocodiles or any number of things. Either way, you are left with the impression that Bettie still has unfinished business. I look forward to reading what that might be.

Bettie Page: Unbound #4
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