In Review: Bettie Page & The Curse of the Banshee #2

Things are not as they appear to be in Ireland as Bettie comes face-to-face with the mysterious Banshee.

Synopsis: This month in ‘The Curse of the Banshee’. Things are not as they appear to be in Ireland as Bettie comes face-to-face with the mysterious Banshee. But, with eh ability to alter its shape, the Banshee continues to prove an elusive mystery, one which Bettie Page finds herself hard-pressed to solve!


The Story

Picking up from where the last issue left off. Bettie has come face to face with the Banshee and their guide Maire Dineen has been killed in the process. Angry over the unnecessary death of their new friend. Bettie and Lyssa look to retrace their steps and make an effort to figure out more about the origins of the legend. Eventually, their investigation leads them to an old woman who is supposedly an authority on the Banshee. But all they get from her is more folklore.

Things get complicated when the men that Bettie and Lyssa embarrassed in the previous issue come spoiling for a fight. This does not end well for the men as the police arrest everyone involved. But once the dust clears. Bettie and Lyssa are released and the police officer that arrested them gives them a possible lead.



Jethro Morales does a great job of the artwork in this issue. The image of Maire Dineen impaled is stuck in my head and it’s been about 20 minutes since I put down the book. Morales doesn’t just capture the spooky vibe of the story well, but he also does a great job of capturing the styles and fashions of the time period. The panels where Bettie and Lyssa are searching the woods are particularly effective. It put me in mind of quite a few iconic 80s horror films.



Writer Stephen Mooney picks things up from he left off and manages to remain consistent throughout. I love how he has captured how much of a culture shock it is for Bettie and Lyssa as they learn about the foibles of a small village in Ireland.

The final page is well worth the wait and nicely set up.  Overall. I’m invested in seeing the rest of this story out.

Bettie Page & The Curse of the Banshee #2
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