In Review: Bettie Page #8

Bettie hunts an alien artifact and Soviet spies at the 1952 Cannes Film Festival!

Synopsis: Bettie hunts an alien artifact and Soviet spies at the 1952 Cannes Film Festival! Will she manage to get Gene Kelly’s autograph and save the world?

Review: David Avallone brings Bettie Page to a close at least for now. But given how awesome her adventures have been. I can’t see it being for very long.

This final issue of the limited series wraps things up with Russian spies and various shades of villainy seeking to steal the Tunguska Star for their own nefarious ends. But why is the Tunguska Star so valued. The final few pages of this issue will reveal the answer to this with one of the maddest twists that you’ll not see coming.

This issue sees Bettie and Lyssa at a screening of Bettie’s movie. But sat next to them are Benway and behind them are a bunch of Soviet spies.

As with all previous issues. David Avallone captures the spirit of pulp storytelling and also delivers some awesome dialogue that you can actually imagine Bettie Page saying.

I loved the inclusion of Gene Kelly toward the end of the comic and the exchange between him and Bettie was a lot of fun. I was not too sure about the likeness in terms of the artists take on Kelly, but given how he is used in the story. It doesn’t really need to be bang on.

Overall. The artwork from Esau Figueroa & Matt Gaudio has been awesome throughout. My apologies must go out to both artists for not being credited correctly in my last review. For some reason, Comixology was crediting Colton Whorly for all the art throughout the comic. Hence my mistake.

This has been a fantastic monthly comic, which I am going to miss now that it is at an end. Hopefully, David Avallone will come up with another caper for Bettie and her friends to figure out at a later date.

Bettie Page #8
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