In Review: Bettie Page #6

Bettie goes to the Cannes Film Festival!

Synopsis: Bettie goes to the Cannes Film Festival! Invasion of the Space Commies isn’t up for the Grand Prix, but that won’t keep our plucky heroine from chasing spies on the French Riviera!

Review: David Avallone strikes again as he takes a little inspiration from Charlies Angels and reunites Bettie with Lyssa who under the guidance of McKnight affectionately known to Bettie as Charlie goes undercover to the Cannes Film Festival.

The real achievement of this issue is that there is so much story packed into 24 pages. We see Bettie’s basic training at spy school as well as her first mission, but then we get a few months worth of Bettie’s life as she takes various modeling jobs and does a play to fill her time. A lot of the time is filled in via Bettie’s diary entries and combined with some nicely drawn scenarios from Colton Worley.

The training montage in an opening couple of pages is worth the price of admission alone as we see Betty do a bit of shooting with her colt 45 and makes a witty crack about how they break hearts.

When we actually get to Cannes Worley captures the glitz and glamour of the 50’s with a series of great panels. When being briefed about the mission. McKnight tells Bettie that Lyssa will be her maid. This is quickly corrected to Lyssa being undercover as Bettie’s friend. Though during the 1950’s the former would likely have been truer. Thankfully these days. The latter is becoming more and more commonplace.

Like with previous issues the dialogue and banter between Lyssa and Bettie work out really well. It’s a very 1950’s fantasy pairing that works really well. So I’m glad that Avallone thought to bring Lyssa back.

Overall. A great issue, which ends on the perfect note to launch issue number 7, which will hit comic stores next year.

This issue will drop at all comic stores a week on Wednesday.

Betty Page #6
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