In Review: Bettie Page (2022) #1: The Alien Agenda

Poor Bettie Page has barely finished up her latest adventure and gotten back to modeling when duty calls once more! 

Synopsis: Poor Bettie Page has barely finished up her latest adventure and gotten back to modeling when duty calls once more!  Seems there’s something funny going on in a place called Roswell, and it’s up to Bettie to investigate!  There’s a catch this time, though—the United States military might be putting Bettie on the case, but they can’t avow the existence of said case—or Bettie!  Instead, our marvelous model is given a crack team of assistants to help her go where no woman has gone before!


The Story

When the United States Government find that the Roswell Aliens have been gathering intelligence on earth culture, art, and customs. They call upon Agent Bettie Page to help investigate. Furthermore, Bettie is given her own team of civilian experts to help her crack an Alien Code. Bettie is told to watch for a signal from the US Government, which turns out to be one of the mysterious Men in Black.

After her close encounter. Ms. Page meets up with her team, which consists of Professor Sophia Villanueva and an expert code breaker called Young-Ja Kim. After the initial introductions, the Ladies set to work on figuring out the alien code, which leads them to an old Egyptian pyramid.


The Artwork

Celor does a fantastic job of the artwork in this book. The accuracy of the late 1950s styles is brilliant. But its the drawings of the alien spaceship as well as the sequence with the Men in Black that really sell this. I can’t wait to see more of what this artist does in this story.



Mia “Ani-Mia” McLaughlin spins a fantastic introduction to this story. The meeting between Bettie and her two experts is written superbly. I really enjoyed reading all three of these women go through the process of trying to figure out the alien code, which has similarities to hieroglyphs.

I’m really looking forward to where this story will go in the next chapter.

Bettie Page (2022) #1: The Alien Agenda
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