In Review: Bettie Page (2020) #5

Whodunnit? Why they dun it? When’d they do it and with whom?

Synopsis: Whodunnit? Why they dun it? When’d they do it and with whom? Witness Bettie bring the mystery to a stunning, sun-tinged conclusion!


The Story

Bettie Page’s flirtation with the classic Agatha Christie-styled mystery comes to an end. In this final issue, Bettie reveals the murderer to the detectives and recaps how it all happened. Furthermore, we learn that there is more than one person involved in what amounts to a conspiracy to ruin the movie. Additionally, we also learn that the island has its very own volcano.


The Artwork

Vincenzo Federici gets to flex some artistic muscle in this issue as he does another fantastic full page featuring Ms. Page and Tuskems the elephant. It’s a great image that announces Bettie’s arrival as she reveals the conspirators and murderers who have been behind everything. Also, we get some great illustrations of the various threatening notes as we slowly learn the identities of the killers and their motives.

Finally, Federici’s interpretation of the Volcano, which is featured at the beginning of this issue looks pretty awesome. You can practically feel the heat coming off the page.



Karla Pacheco’s final issue wraps things up nicely in what has been a bit of a usual story for this comic book series. Usually, this comic book series has seen Miss Page embarking on spy missions and taking on aliens. So this story may well perhaps be the most grounded story arc we have had on this comic.

Overall. The Agatha Christie feel of this story reminded me of countless movies and TV shows have seen over the years. Though I don’t think any of them had a heroic Elephant called Tuskems. In a sense, it was the use of the Agatha Christie-style mystery that gave this comic a warm and familiar feeling. Although I had pretty much figured out who the villains were a couple of issues back. But, despite that. I still had fun following along with the story. It’s a fun read, but not the best Bettie Page story to come from Dynamite.


Bettie Page (2020) #5
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