In Review: Bettie Page (2020) #3

Bettie Page…has everyone right where she wants them!?
Bettie Page

Synopsis: Everyone’s on the film set is a suspect! No one can leave the secluded tropical island paradise! Bettie Page…has everyone right where she wants them!?


The Story

Picking the action up from last month. This issue recaps events via a letter from Stephanie D’artagnan back to the production office in Hollywood. Work continues on the movie, but a series of recasting decisions cause friction among the cast. Additionally, the local Police constable who has the task of investigating the murders has thrown his toys out of the pram. He has essentially left the film crew to get on with it. Will Bettie Page save the day? What does the elephant have to do with it all? You’ll have to check out this new issue to find out more.


The Artwork

Vincenzo Federici does a great job with the art for this issue. Especially given that we do not really see a great deal of action. But, we do get plenty of arguments. Especially when it comes to deciding who should take over the stars’ role. We do get a little bit of standoff toward the end of the comic, which is really well-drawn, but other than that most of the artwork is mostly focused on scenery and the micro-expressions of the various characters as they fight among themselves.

Overall. The art is solid throughout, but there isn’t anything that really wowed me in the issue.



Karla Pacheco who has taken over writing Bettie Page from David Avallone is doing a pretty respectable job, but three issues in. I’m finding this particular story to be a little to slow burn. That said Pacheco does a great job of writing the dialogue for the women that were fighting each other for the lead role. It put me in mind of some of the fights that Alexis and Crystal Carrington would have had in the original 1980s version of Dynasty.

Hopefully, the fourth issue will have a little more action happening and perhaps a little more from Bettie Page herself. Because she has been pretty quiet thus far.

Bettie Page (2020) #3
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