In Review: Bettie Page: 2019 Halloween Special

Dynamite comics and David Avallone bring forth an early Halloween treat

Synopsis: Something evil is lurking in the dark woods of Upstate New York, and hunting the student bodies at exclusive and isolated Annandale College. Model Agent Bettie Page investigates the Annandale Horror…and finds herself enrolled in Werewolf 101, for extra credit…plus, Bettie and Lyssa go to the drive-in with a bunch of intergalactic gate crashers!

Review: This special Halloween issue of Bettie Page features not one, but two new stories, which will get fans in the mood for an early Halloween.

The Stories

‘The Annandale Horror’, which is written by David Avallone sees Bettie sent to an Upstate New York college to investigate a series of Werewolf attacks. As the investigation gets underway. Bettie hits on a bit of snag when her initial suspect turns out to be innocent.

It isn’t until the college dean gives her a history lesson that Bettie learns the ghastly truth.

War of the Worlds, which is penned by Erica Schultz sees Bettie and Lyssa’s date night interrupted by an Alien invasion, which turns out to be a close encounter of a rather different kind.

The Artwork

Roy Allan Martinez does some great work on ‘The Annandale Horror’ with a very pulp-inspired style, which suited the story perfectly. I could almost smell the bubble gum coming up from the pages. I particularly enjoyed the series of panels where Bettie is on a stakeout.

For ‘War of the Worlds’ Fernando Ruiz sticks to the cleaner and more modern looking style that we have seen throughout the regular issues, but does some wonderful H.G. Wells inspired Alien Tripods.


This is a great Halloween issue. Both stories were loaded with fun. Although I felt the second one might have benefitted from a couple more pages to allow the artist a little more room to explore.

Overall. A great Halloween issue, which will get you in the mood for some trick or treating.

Bettie Page: 2019 Halloween Special
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