In Review: Batwoman ‘Take Your Choice’ Season 1, Epsiode 12

The remnants of Crisis tears Batwoman apart as she must decide whether Beth shall live or Alice shall die.


The twelfth episode of Batwoman’s first season aired this past Sunday on CW, entitled ‘Take Your Choice‘. While the episode was a sold story rich with emotions, drama and suspense, Batwoman fans will be disappointed with the few actual Batwoman appearances in this episode.

My only complaint of this episode however is the lack of Bat-Action within this episode as there were quite a few times within the episode where Batwoman could have flexed her leather clad bat-suit muscles to give the fans their weekly dose of exciting Bat-action.

Apart from the lack of action however, this episode of Batwoman had quite a lot to offer Kate Kane’s (Ruby Rose) ongoing struggle to become Gotham City’s hero, while the Dark Knight himself is still in parts unknown, as the multi-verse and Batwoman’s Earth are in essence experiencing the after affects of Crisis on Infinite Earths.

In essence, a parallel Earth version of Kate’s long lost sister Beth Kane, who is Kate’s alternative and sweet version of her sinister and villainous sister, Alice (Rachel Skarsten) in this reality; has appeared and has in very short order become a well loved and important part of Kate’s new extended Bat-Family.

The only problem is that no two versions of the same person may exist within the same reality at the same time, with both Alice and Beth suffering from a terminal form of cellular degeneration, and only one can survive, with Kate having the unimaginable duty of choosing which version of her beloved sister will live and which one will die.

Thanks to Kate’s adopted sister Mary (Nicole Kang), supplying an antidote which Alice poetically administered to Mary when she killed her Mother Katherine (Elizabeth Anweis), Kate ultimately chooses to use the very same antidote to save Beth and doom Alice. Tragically however, Mouse’s (Sam Littlefield) father who has secretly assumed the identity of a renowned Gotham City plastic surgeon Dr. Ethan Campbell (Sebastian Roche), shoots Beth at the very last minute, with Beth dying in Luke Fox’s (Camrus Johnson) arms, just moments before Alice’s supposed demise in a very compelling and heart felt moment of loss.


Recognition for the best acting in this episode falls to Rachel Skarsten whose portrayal of both sides of the Beth/Alice dichotomy helps make ‘Take Your Choice‘ as good of an episode as it was. Fans could really feel a sense of loss upon seeing Beth shot down just at the moment when you thought the right version of Kate’s sister was actually going to survive.

And just as the life slips from Beth’s body, Alice can be seen coming back to life with a vengeance and hate that clearly sets up what will surely be an even more toxic and rage filled rivalry between Alice and her loving twin sister who was willing to let her die.


This episode was compelling from a story perspective, and will definitely serve to further fuel the hate felt by the mad Alice for Gotham’s only hero, Batwoman. But the episode could definitely have been even more entertaining had Kate Kane done more of her scenes in her Bat-uniform, even if she wouldn’t have had on her mask.


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