In Review: Batwoman (S1,E13) ‘Drink Me’

This episode was Bat-Tastic and fired on all Bat-Cylanders!!!

The Story

This week’s Batwoman episode entitled, ‘Drink Me‘ from the CW, is the thirteenth installment of the show’s first season and delivered on all fronts in ways other episodes have not.

In the first instance, we got to see a good amount of Bat-action, with Kate Kane donning her iconic armor and bullet proof Bat-suit just enough to balance out the dramatic scenes involving Kate and her co-stars throughout the episode.

Secondly, this episode introduced a new villain to Gotham City’s underworld, Nocturna, played by Kayla Ewell,  a vampire-like bad ass who needs blood to survive, even though she isn’t really an un-dead vampire.

The episode has fun battles between Batwoman and Nocturna, as Kate Kane’s alter Bat-ego must prowl the city, as well as Kate’s own club, to stop the night hunting Nocturna from picking up and dining upon party goers of Gotham’s night scene.

We also see Batwoman saved from the bite of Nocturna not only once by her true love Sophie (Meagan Tandy), but twice as the unlikely Alice (Rachel Skarsten) also comes to the Bat-rescue to save Batwoman from the dark villainous antics of Nocturna.

We also saw Colonel Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott) bid farewell to the corpse of who he believed to be Alice, but who is in fact his deceased extradimensional daughter Sophie, who survived the Crisis on Infinite Earths, only to be murdered despite Batwoman’s best efforts.

Sophie is also outed as a secret ally to Batwoman and shine’s the Bat-Signal to let Batwoman know she can no longer help her, only to succumb to her deepest feelings of love as she passionately kisses Batwoman instead.

And all this happening as Kate’s step sister Mary (Nicole Kang) figures out Kate’s Bat-secret as all of the clues come crashing down upon her at the end of the episode.


The acting was quite good all around this episode, which was very enjoyable, with Bat-newcomer Kayla Ewell, deserving to be acknowledged for her Bat-debut as a very convincing and well rounded villain.


All this and more transpired on what was an above average episode for Batwoman, which did not disappoint Bat-fans, as the story was sound, the acting was superb, the action was intense and the twist and turns were fun.

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