In Review: Batwoman (S1 – Ep17) Narrow Escape

This episode belongs to Camrus Johnson who throws everything at his performance as a more emotionally charged than usual Luke Fox. 

Synopsis: Batwoman is tested on two fronts as she deals with PTSD and guilt for having killed Dr. August Cartwright, which crossed a line that she vowed not to cross, but when an old enemy known as The Detonator shows up, things get rather complicated.


The Story

This week’s Batwoman opens up with a dramatic chase in which Batwoman is tracking a thug. When she catches up with him and takes him down she gets the shakes and has a panic attack. Thankfully he is alive, which means the police are able to take him in once Batwoman has left the scene. Traumatized by the panic attacks Kate chooses to hang up her cowl and cape in order to try and put some distance between her and the thing she has to do as Batwoman. Which sees several people substituting for her, but getting seriously hurt in the process.

When the Gotham Bank is destroyed. Kate has to try and put the cape and cowl back on but instead chooses to investigate as Kate Kane, which puts Luke Fox in a bit of a bind given that The Detonator is the villain that murdered his father.

The Detonator’s method is particularly nasty because he will rig explosives to Law Enforcement Officers or Heroic types and make them choose between blowing themselves up or blowing up an important Gotham City landmark.


The Acting

This episode sees a brilliant performance from Camrus Johnson as Luke Fox who is out for revenge and is determined to capture Detonator by any means. It feels like Johnson has been waiting quite a while to unleash this performance and it was the injection that the series needed. We get to see all the pain and anguish that Luke has been tramping down since losing his father in such a cruel way, which works really well as a juxtaposition to what Kate Kane aka Batwoman is going through given that she killed the person that robbed her of a sister and desecrated her mothers grave. The scene where Batwoman has to talk Luke down from killing the person who killed his father is really poignant and brilliantly acted by both Johnson and Ruby Rose.



A solid outing for Batwoman to return on. I like the partnership that is forming between Sophie Moore and Julia Pennyworth, which is a partnership we’ll see more of in the weeks ahead.

The main storyline with Luke Fox and Batwoman having to get through some pretty complicated issues rightly took center stage, but it didn’t stop us from being able to check in on Mouse and Alice who had an interesting storyline, which could well be setting future storylines up as they operate from the shadows instead of on the streets.

All that said. This episode belongs to Camrus Johnson who throws everything at his performance as a more emotionally charged than usual Luke Fox.

Batwoman (S1 - Ep17) Narrow Escape
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