In Review: Batwoman “Looking Through the Looking Glass”

Could we be seeing the beginning of Batwing's storyline?

The Story

The CW’s 16th episode of Batwoman’s first season entitled “Through the Looking Glass“, did not provide any Bat-Action, giving us yet again an episode with not one appearance of Batwoman, but; the episode did give us an epsiode chock full of something just as important, character development.

The episode centered around Alice (Rachel Skarsten) twisting Kate Kane’s (Ruby Rose) arm to help her find Mouse (Sam Littlefield). But he is captured by the Crows and locked up in Arkham Asylam, with Kate then agreeing to do the very thing that a super heroin is not supposed to do; help a supervillain break another supervillain out of prison.

UNLESS of course, you are a superhero who just killed a bad guy and with the help of your supervillain sister and head of Gotham’s Crow Security Father, buried that bad guy’s body and just could not bring yourself to do one more criminal act.

So while, Kate did indeed brake into Arkham with Alice and beat the living pulp out of quite a few correctional officers, the whole thing was in fact a set up. To Alice’s surprise, Kate and dear old Dad, Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott), double crossed her. With Alice then being detained and committed into DC Comic’s best known detention facility for the criminally insane.

So while Kate did the right thing at the end of the day as well as for Gotham City, can you imagine how tough it must have been for her to betray her own sister, even if she is a criminally insane supervillain!?

But at the very least, Kate who by the end of the episode was literally wallowing in dismay and drinking her worries away on the ledge of a tall building, got to kiss her former lover Julia Pennyworth (Christina Wolfe).

And one of the morals of this episode is that even a super hero needs a shoulder to cry on and a hot secret agent to hook up with.


This was actually a really good episode from a character development perspective, especially for Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson), who had to deal with his Father’s killer being released from jail, with Luke confronting the killer in the street on his first night free, only to see him murdered in front of him.

Finding himself smack dab in the middle of an apparent cover up seemingly on the rise, Luke must now get to the bottom of finding out exactly who is the real killer of his dead father, Lucius Fox. And the secret seems to be worth killing for, as both Sophie (Meagan Tandy) and Jacob Kane were both targeted for termination.


This episode’s best acting award clearly goes to Camrus Johnson, whose character Luke Fox is going through exactly the kind of life changing circumstances that leads an ally to Batwoman to potentially become a high flying super hero. Could we possibly be seeing the beginning storyline of one of Gotham City’s newest heroes? Can we say Batwing Bat-fans???

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