In Review: Batwoman episode 19 “A Secret kept from all the rest”

A new Bat-Villain terrorizes Gotham City and Batwoman in search of a secret that could be her death.

The 19th episode of Batwoman’s first season on the WB aired this past Sunday night with a terrific looking and dangerous new villain running loose on the streets of Gotham City named Hush.


While the character is not new to the DC Comic Universe, with Hush, a mysterious bandaged villain, making his debut in the twelve part storyline in Batman #608-619, written by Jeph Loeb and illustrated by Jim Lee. The unknown character turned out to be none other than Edward Nigma (The Riddler) in the comic series, the WB series has however taken some  creative license, with Hush being Tommy Elliot (Gabriel Mann).

A good deal of the episode deals with the Crows lead by Commander Kane (Dougray Scott), doing their best to track down the Homicidal Hush, who is on a city wide killing spree in search of those intellectuals who can help him, Alice (Rachel Skarsten) and Mouse (Sam Littlefeild) decode an all important journal belonging to the late Lucius Fox, which holds the key to defeating Batman. The episode also leads Batwoman towards(Ruby Rose) confronting the evil trio in a huge battle royal within the very heart of their new dark underworld headquarters, Arkham Asylum.

Along the way however, Batwoman’s personal history and troubles are also getting in the way from her protecting Gotham, as her personal life is falling apart. On the one hand, Gotham’s greatest heroine deals with a falling out with Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson) over his disagreeing with the way Batwoman is handling herself, while Kate is having to deal with her greatest love Sophie (Meagan Tandy) beginning a love affair with secret agent and former lover, Julia Pennyworth (Christina Wolfe), who also has a slew of secrets all her own.


While the episode had some great Bat-Action, it also did a fun job of exploring the characters who Batwoman, but most importantly, Kate Kane, surprisingly relies upon and the ways in which they affect her role and effectiveness as the Batwoman.

If it wasn’t apparent before, “A Secret kept from all the rest” solidifies the fact that while Batwoman may be the tip of the heroic Bat-sword watching over Gotham City in Bruce Wayne’s absence, it is in fact Luke Fox who keeps the sword as functional, sharp, effective and deadly as it is.

But along the way to showing just how integral and heroic Luke himself is to the Bat-Family, Kate and Mary Hamilton (Nicole Kang), who was just recently allowed to fully enter the small circle of those who support Batwoman, bring in a computer savvy whiz-kid, Parker Torres (Malia Pyles) to the Batcave, to literally fill in for Batwoman’s biggest asset of all, Luke Fox.

But it’s Parker’s enthusiasm and awe of Batwoman that was most refreshing from the episode’s acting perspective.


A Secret kept from all the rest” was a fun, action packed and character driven episode that had everything any good super hero episode needs, drama, intrigue, suspense, character development and good old fashioned Bat-Action!


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