In Review: Batwoman “Down Down Down”

The episode's story line didn't do it in any meaningful way and was only saved every single time we got a glimpse of Batwoman herself in her new bat-outfit!

The Story

It seems that one thing can be said about the CW’s Gotham City; by Batwoman’s third episode of her first season entitled, “Down, Down, Down“, and is that the wealthy people who live within it are as crazy and homicidal as the criminals this fine city seems to create. As a matter of fact and to date, each of the villains we have been introduced to have each been crazy, and homicidal, as well as wealthy and privileged.

And to top it all off, the only superhero champions Gotham City has to defend its citizens and way of life are themselves both wealthy and homicidal, with just a bit of spoiled brat thrown on top of an over-stylized sense of morality, thanks to the gods of old Gotham.

The best thing about Batwoman’s third episode was the introduction of her actual full-on Batwoman costume, including Kate Kane’s (Ruby Rose) signature red wig and crimson painted bat-logo on her chest. And she does, in fact, look awesome in it, even if she did get her bat-butt beat by a non-supervillain if not wealthy, snot-nosed spoiled rotten Tommy Elliot (Gabriel Mann), whose only goal in life is to be richer than Bruce Wayne.

Actually, Tommy does have one other goal in life, and that is to kill Batman, because years ago, Batman actually saved his mother’s life, thus forcing poor spoiled Tommy to endure his mother for the rest of her natural life and worse of all, he didn’t have access to his trust fund for over a decade.

Thus years later, this has forced him to threaten the lives of everyone who came to attend his very own party in his very own building, and all so that he could exact revenge on Bruce Wayne, whom he along with Kate Kane alone, knows is the alter ego of Gotham’s dark knight and absentee Batman.

With the lives of Kate Kane’s family hanging in the balance, AGAIN; Batwoman must stop the evil Tommy Elliot before he sends helpless people falling to their deaths in booby-trapped elevators. While Batwoman manages to save the day, it is, in fact, her long lost, and also wealthy, privileged, bratty, homicidal sister Alice, (Rachel Skarsten), who saves her from the whining and vicious Tommy Elliot.

The Acting

The only acting that was really eye-catching was the constant source of attraction to Batwoman, which is Ruby Rose herself. Not only is she cute, but she is believable and makes many a Bat-fan continue to come back for more.

The rest of the episode’s flimsy storyline, however, just didn’t give the show’s actors much to work with, let alone poor Gabriel Mann whose great acting still couldn’t make the viewer believe Tommy Elliot’s motivation for being a half-ass spoiled less than supervillain.


Thankfully, this episode gave Bat-fans a bat-tabular gift in the form of Gotham’s newest superhero’s new bat-suit, which has been and shall always be fabulous!

The episode storyline itself however just didn’t do it in any meaningful way and was only saved every single time we got a glimpse of Batwoman herself.

But fear not Bat-fans, as this is only the third episode of the promising Batwoman series on CW, and soon enough the show will find it’s bat-legs and give Ruby Rose some real bat-villains to save Gotham from.

Batwoman "Down Down Down"
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