In Review: Battlestar Galactica Vs. Battlestar Galactica #6

Kali and Iblis’ plan is discovered, but broken trust is a hard thing to overcome, harder still when lives are at stake!

Synopsis: Kali and Iblis’ plan is discovered, but broken trust is a hard thing to overcome, harder still when lives are at stake! Can the crews of the Galactica’s work together to save the last remnants of humanity, or will this spell the end of the species?

Review: Peter David draws his Battlestar Galactica crossover to an appropriate end and we finally get to see Kali and Iblis plans rumbled or do we?

The issue starts from where the previous one left off. We see Cain on the Bridge of the Pegasus listening to Kali’s speech about the self-destructive nature of humanity, but when Cain notices that the two Galactica crews are deliberately missing each other in combat. Kali suddenly realizes that her plans have been rumbled.

This story from Peter David takes on a dark twist and by the close of it we see a few events that will no doubt piss off an element of the original Battlestar Galactica fandom with the death of two much-loved characters as well as a much loved and mythical ship.

As one of the above mentioned classic Galactica fans. I think this was done well and was respectful of the two characters concerned as well as the Pegasus, but I am sure there will be a done of people that will vehemently disagree with me.

Overall. This has been a solid fusing together of the two Iconic Galactica crews. There was some of the inevitable fan wank with the two Starbucks getting it on, which can only mean the original was truly lost in castration, but narratively this story succeeded more than it failed.

The major drawback for me was the inconsistency of the artwork of Johnny Desjardins. His character drawings of the original series crew were way off and often times were nowhere near resembling the original cast members. This was very evident with the characters of Adama and Cain. Yet oddly enough the likenesses of the newer Galactica versions were much closer to how they looked in that series.

To sum up. This will likely be worth having in trade paperback when it gets released, but it is more of a fun item to have in your Battlestar Galactica collection.

Battlestar Galactica Vs. Battlestar Galactica #6
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