In Review: Battlestar Galactica – Gods & Monsters #4

And the plot thickens...because, you know...Battlestar.

Synopsis: The crew of the Galactica are finally forced to use Tallos, the reprogrammed Cylon, to aid them on their mission to gather resources on a deadly terrain. Though many have reservations, Gaius is allowed to accompany the mining team, but when Tallos finally makes his move, will his creator be left standing? Meanwhile, the resistance on occupied Caprica continue to be betrayed by the Cylons in their midst. On the other hand, even the Cylons who have infiltrated the resistance work to move past the distrust amongst themselves.

Review:¬†BGGM #4¬†attempts to cover a lot of ground. The colonial fleet desperately needs the resources found on a hostile surface, the loyalty (and quite frankly the trustworthiness) of Tallos is still in question, and the Cylon sleeper agents on Caprica are thrown for a loop. With all of the plotlines, it becomes difficult to follow everything at once. Independently, each story is important and interesting to a point. The resolution of the second Sharon needed to happen, but I’m not sure it is was given the amount of space it needed to deal with the ramifications. Ultimately, I think this hinders the overall flow of the issue. We jump from one group to another, but the gravity of the situation is lost in the shuffle. Nothing stands out. Similarly, the art for the issue #4 is a bit muddled.

I have voiced my opinions about the art for this series. There doesn’t seem to be a strong sense of consistency. Sometimes, it was hard to differentiate who is who, and with a cast of so many recognizable characters, this is an issue. The colors still seem to work for this issue, but they tend to skew a little too dark from time to time.

Fans of Battlestar may continue to find the series a welcome addition, but newcomers or casual fans may find it difficult to fully embrace this series.

Battlestar Galactica - Gods & Monsters #4
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