In Review: Battlestar Galactica – Gods & Monsters #3

Motives within motives: plans within plans.

Synopsis: The Cylons enact a plan to deal crippling blows to the human resistance on Caprica. An elaborate trap has been set at their former field of glory, the New Atlas sports arena. Meanwhile, Tallos still remains an unknown factor to the colonial fleet. Though the fleet desperately needs Tallos to aid in the mining efforts on the hostile surface, his motivations and capabilities remain shrouded in mystery.

Review: There is so much going on in BGGM #3 that one has to parse out both the how and the why. Yes, we know that both sides of this war intrinsically hate each other, yet the Cylon tactics are two-pronged. The Cylons attempt to undermine their human adversaries with subversive propaganda and sleeper agents. The second is outright engaging them in battle. (Seems easy enough to follow, right?) Honestly, it took me a minute to figure out how the human resistance was able to get the drop on the Cylons within the sports arena. Also, once the battle begun, it was difficult to follow. Similarly, the introduction of another model 8, aka Sharon, takes a moment to comprehend. A twist that I think ultimately helps shed some light on the actions of the Cylon underground within the colonial fleet.

I have to admit that the art for this issue is problematic. BGGM’s previous have had somewhat great backgrounds, but this issue seemed to be lacking those. The depiction of The Galactica is crucial to giving the series the sort of heft and gravity it needs. Without that solidity, the world doesn’t seem as tangible as it has in previous issues. The character depictions also seem loose. The members of the Caprica resistance are incredibly difficult to differentiate, and the Galactica crew only vaguely resemble their television counterparts. In some panels, people are almost featureless. When Tallos breaks his chains, the look of astonishment on his jailers’ faces doesn’t convey the necessary emotions for that moment. It almost reads as comical instead of startling and terrifying.

As the story continues to unfold in BGGM, the story is beginning to make more sense. If you have been reading this far, chances are you want to finish the series. It is not that the series doesn’t have merit. The problem is that the execution comes across as clunky and unfinished. It is my hope that the coming issues can salvage what is a promising story plagued with technical issues.



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