In Review: Battlestar Galactica Classic #3

After losing the Twelve Colonies, is there anything left for humanity to lose?

Synopsis: After losing the Twelve Colonies, is there anything left for humanity to lose? Plenty — and as a trap is sprung, Commander Adama faces his worst nightmare since taking the lead of the fleet. Can Apollo and Starbuck discover their mysterious foes’ secrets in time?

Review: John Jackson Miller’s Classic Battlestar Galactica story continues and this month we get a twist that is likely to build up to a really interesting conclusion. Whenever that happens.

The Story

Picking up from last month. Adama and the Okaati continue their alliance and experiments with Okaati technology and one of the ships from the Galactica’s fleet prove to be a success.

Just as the fleet has reasons to celebrate the Okaati leader shares some grave news. While on the mission to steal fuel from the Cylons. They intercepted a message from Baltar and the Cylons. It reveals that the Cylons have formed an alliance with the Comitat and are planning to come after both the colonial fleet and the Okaati.

Meanwhile, Apollo has been taken prisoner by the Comitat and is being taken for an audience with their leader.

The Artwork

Daniel HDR’s work continues to shine and this issue, in particular, gives us our first real look at the Comitat who like the Cylon’s are a race of robots or at least have that kind of appearance. I’ve been impressed the design work for the Akaati throughout this series and really like the feline quality that the artist has given to their faces.


This was a really solid issue that has a nice little twist at the end, which has been sort of hinted at throughout, but not really enough to take away from the shock revelation.

I’d like to see a little more from the point of view of Baltar and the Cylons in the next issue and also see how Apollo deals with the Comitat leader.

Overall. I am continuing to enjoy this series and hope Dynamite plan to make this an ongoing series because this Classic Battlestar Galactica fan would be very happy if they do.

Battlestar Galactica Classic #3
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