In Review: Battlestar Galactica Classic #1

Baltar returns

Synopsis: The remains of humanity have been fleeing the Cylon menace — until now! Joined by another, second fleet of fugitives, Commander Adama sees the opportunity to strike back. Can he continue chasing an Earth that may be a myth, when the chance for victory is real?

Review: I’m a little late with this review. I usually managed to get them out the day before the comic is released when it comes to Dynamite. But I must have missed this one. So figured I’d review anyway given that I’d enjoyed the issue 0 release, which was last month.

The Story

After having evaded the Cylons at the heavy cost of the Kiernu race. The Galactica meet up with a race of escaped slaves called the Okaati who are on the run from the slaver race known as the Comitat.

Parrin, who is the leader of the Okaati proposes an alliance with Adama and the Colonial Fleet, which gives the Colonial commander food for thought. Especially when he hears of the fate of the Kiernu, who the Cylons have wiped out.

What will be Adama’s next move?

The Artwork

The artwork in this issue is eyepoppingly gorgeous. Daniel HDR does some fantastic work in this issue. I loved the attention to detail when it came to showing off the Okaati Fleet as it hung out in space around the Galactica. I also love the design and look of the Okaati people and the rather threatening look of the Comitat who are chasing them.


John Jackson Miller does a fantastic job of continuing the story, which he started in last months issue 0. There is much more at stake now and It is obvious that Millar is very familiar with the world and characters of the classic series. I particularly enjoyed how he manages to show Adama and his logs and how regretful he is of how he dealt with the Kiernu race.

Overall. This new comic book run feels very much like it could well have been an original episode from the Classic Battlestar Galactica series. I want more of the same, please. Bring on issue 3.


Battlestar Galactica Classic #1
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