In Review: Battlestar Galactica: Classic #0

Commander Adama and the remnants of humanity discover a second fugitive fleet, fleeing a different mortal enemy.

Synopsis: Commander Adama and the remnants of humanity discover a second fugitive fleet, fleeing a different mortal enemy. Can the two armadas join forces, making common cause against the dreaded Cylons? And what would success mean for the quest for Earth?

Review: Due out on Wednesday. This new comic book series comes out just in time to celebrate the 40th Aniversary of Glen Larson’s iconic Space series Battlestar Galactica.

The Story

Thinking that the Cylons are long behind them. Adama and the Colonial Fleet traverse into an unknown, but beautiful part of space, but cross a certain section of it despite being told not too by a race known as the Kiernu.

As they manage to get away from the Kiernu ships that have pursued them to the border of their space. Adama has the viper’s scout on ahead.

While scouting a path through space Apollo, Starbuck and Boomer encounter an Alien ship, which is under attack by three Cylon Raiders. Deciding to help the ship. Apollo and his team learn that the aliens they have saved could well hold the key for a counterstrike against the Cylons. Which is pretty much where this first chapter ends.

Written by John Jackson Miller. This first issue of Classic Battlestar Galactic has a very promising beginning and feels very much like a classic Battlestar Galactica story, which you most likely would have read in the classic Marvel Comics adaptation of the series.

The Artwork

The artwork from Daniel HDR looks very much like a homage to the art style that we’d likely have seen in the classic 1970’s Marvel series, which I remember reading as a kid. Even the cover art looks like a nostalgic flashback, which is really appropriate given that this year marks 40 years for the series.


As a child of the 70’s and 80’s I’m loving this and I’m definitely signed up for the whole story. This to me is the Battlestar Galactica of my youth and not the gritty and nihilistic take on the series, which was so popular in the early 2000’s. You can get your copy of this first issue for Free from Comixology and elsewhere. It’s definitely worth a look if you feel nostalgic for the more family-friendly version of Battlestar Galactica.

Battlestar Galactica: Classic #0
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