In Review: Battlestar Galactica: BSG vs BSG

Holy Frack they've finally done it!

Description: The crossover to end all crossovers is finally here. Dynamite bring forth a new series that spans both the original Battlestar Galactica as well as the re-imagined universe. Don’t expect this to be friendly. It will be anything but as two different but similar crews finally meet.

Review: Written by Peter David. This Battlestar Galactica crossover opens up on the bridge of the Battlestar Pegasus with the original Commander Cain receiving an unusual hail from a planet. The person at the other end who looks a little like a well known Hindu Goddess invites Cain for a face to face meeting. An invitation that Cain is keen to accept, but what answers will such a meeting bring?

This is a brilliant start to what is going to be a fascinating story, which will bring together the two Battlestar Galactica Universes and have the various different characters from both interact and meet. In short, it’s a fanboy’s wet dream.

Peter David who has a lot of experience writing in various different television and comic universes does a wonderful job of opening up this story and ends his first issue in such a way that you’re just wanting more.

I loved how the writer borrows from ancient mythology and mixes it into the original Battlestar Galactica universe. Classic series fans will really appreciate how Peter David uses this first issue as a means to give some insight into the creation of the original series Cylons where newer fans will enjoy seeing classic series vipers doing battle with Cylon ships from the re-imagined universe.

The art from Johnny Desjardins is pretty good. He’s not going for full on likenesses from the TV shows but instead brings us a reasonable artists interpretation. For example, Commander Cain’s features are even more chiseled than Lloyd Bridges, the actor who originated the role. In short, a somewhat more bulked up version of the character.

The art really excels when it comes to the space battles and the closing image of the first issue will have fans whooping the air and begging for more.

Overall. A really promising start to what looks like being one hell of a great story. BSG vs BSG will hit comics stores on Wednesday of next week.

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