In Review: Batman/Superman: World’s Finest (2022-) #9

The Joker is here and he’s got his own plans for a super-powered sidekick!

Synopsis: Batman and Superman are on a quest to train the mysterious new hero Boy Thunder… but what’s that in the dark? A faint noise…sounds like a laugh? Uh-oh. The Joker is here and he’s got his own plans for a super-powered sidekick! Someone hide all the crowbars, quick!


The Story

Boy Thunder’s trouble with controlling his anger continues and it continues to place him and his fellow heroes in danger. However, a more dangerous thread is around the corner. The Joker has teamed up with Key and they have obtained an Angular from Angle Man, which they intend to use on the Streets of Gotham in Joker’s latest scheme. Joker begins his scheme by flooding Gotham, which sees Batman and Robin having to save as many people as they can with a little help from Boy Thunder.


The Artwork

Dan Mora continues to knock it out of the park where the artwork is concerned. We get character drawings of just about every member of the Justice League as well as a few Titans as the start of the issue has the two teams dealing with another emergency. I loved the sequence of panels where we see the Batmobile enter the fray. And I also loved how Power Boy pretty much says what pretty much most people think when they see the Batmobile. “That is one badass car,” he says. Indeed it is. And the drawing of the car driving up the side of a building is awesome.

The art is helped a great deal by some decent colorwork from Tamra Bonvillain who really helps Mora’s art pop.



Batman/Superman: Worlds Finest continues to give us a story in the classic style of these heroes. I loved the moment when Boy Thunder talks to Superman about how he blames himself for the death of his parents and the destruction of the planet. I also liked the bit where Aqualad Challenges Boy Thunder over his use of excessive force when dealing with a crook.

Overall. I can’t wait to see where this story goes when the next issue is released next month.

Batman/Superman: World's Finest (2022-) #9
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