In Review: Batman/Superman: World’s Finest (2022-) #8 RECKLESS YOUTH

RECKLESS YOUTH continues as Superman and Batman struggle to mentor the new Boy Thunder!

Synopsis: RECKLESS YOUTH continues as Superman and Batman struggle to mentor the new Boy Thunder! The Key has drawn the World’s Finest team into an impossible dilemma unlike any they’ve ever faced when the entire city of Metropolis goes into a deadly lockdown!


The Story

Picking up from the last issue. David who is now being called Boy Thunder has made some friends with the Teen Titans but is still somewhat unsure about his superpowers. However, when The Key uses an airborne virus that causes people to fear enclosed spaces. Superman and Batman along with the Titans call upon Boy Thunder to help. But still haunted by flashbacks of his own Earth being destroyed. Boy Thunder blames himself and struggles when he is asked to really focus his power on opening a door that has miners trapped inside a mine that is leaking methane gas.


The Artwork

Dan Mora does a great job on the artwork throughout this book. I really enjoyed the attention to detail during the panels that are set in the Batcave. Especially the various maps and sprites that appear on computer monitors and big screens. I also loved the sequence where Boy Thunder is flying through the mine shaft toward the door that he has to figure out how to open. Added to this the flashback sequences to the destruction of Boy Thunder’s own Earth are nicely used throughout the book to explain his anxiety about using his powers.



This is a really fun and interesting story and the focus on David AKA Boy Thunder and his superhero journey give us an insight into topics such as mental health and anxiety. I loved the sequence in which Supergirl tells her story to Boy Thunder in an effort to ease his mind about his own anxiety as he is blaming himself for the loss of his own Earth. The question is. Was he the cause of the destruction of his own world? Or was it something else?

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