In Review: Batman/Superman: World’s Finest (2022-) #7

The untold story of Superman’s short-lived sidekick is at last revealed...

Synopsis: Batman/Superman: World’s Finest begins A BRAND-NEW STORY ARC! The untold story of Superman’s short-lived sidekick is at last revealed, but what secret connection to one of DC’s most timeless tales does this story foreshadow? Only time will tell (that’s a clue, folks). The next epic arc in the World’s Finest saga begins here!


The Story

Having retrieved Robin from his journey through time in the last issue. This month begins a brand new arc in which we learn about Superman’s short-lived sidekick. When a mysterious ship crashes in the city Superman, Batman and Robin meet a young man called David Sikelas who has traveled from a parallel earth. David tells Batman and Superman that his parents who were scientists have sent him through in a ship in order to save his life as the Gotham that he was from has been destroyed.

Things get kind of interesting when David exhibits powers that are a side effect of his Earth having a less powerful sun. In order to help assimilate David into this new Earth Superman agrees to train him while Robin introduces him to the Titans.


The Artwork

 Dan Mora brings us some fantastic artwork for this issue. I particularly enjoyed the opening few pages in which we see David’s Gotham in its final moments as his parents share a final moment before sending their son on his way. Tamra Bonvillain does a brilliant job of bringing additional drama to these opening pages with some fantastic color choices. I also liked the sequence of panels where David meets this Earth’s version of his parents. The shocked and bemused expressions on their faces when David runs toward them really sell the moment. 



Mark Waid brings us another interesting story that we didn’t realize that we wanted. I really enjoyed the human drama element of David’s struggle to find his way on a completely different Earth to the one he is from. I also liked how Robin dealt with David as more of a person. Whereas Batman and Superman seem to be looking at him as more of a problem. I’m really looking forward to seeing where this story goes.

Batman/Superman: World's Finest (2022-) #7
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