In Review: Batman/Dylan Dog (2024) #3

Merciless Christopher Killex is back from the grave and starts to fill Gotham City’s streets with blood and horror!

Synopsis: Merciless Christopher Killex is back from the grave and starts to fill Gotham City’s streets with blood and horror! Dylan Dog and Batman are faced with an unsolvable dilemma: whether to accept the help of The Joker, who could prove to be a key ally in catching the serial killer. But can they really trust him?


The Story

Having learned that Christopher Killex’s soul was no longer in hell. Dylan and Constantine return to the world of the living to reconnect with The Batman. Meanwhile, the Joker has brought Killex to Gotham City so he can start again. The Joker is hoping that Killex will settle in the City and be his friend. Having figured out that Killex is in Gotham. Dylan Dog and Batman fly into Gotham and pick up their investigation there. Along the way they find themselves unexpectedly allied with The Joker.


The Artwork

The artwork throughout this series of books has been brilliant and very true to the Gothic trimmings of the Batman movies as well as the world of Dylan Dog. Werther Dell’Edera does some great linework throughout the book and I quite like the scratchy way he drew the characters and how he plays with light and shadow throughout the book. I don’t know who did the colour work in this book, but whoever it is does a magnificent job. I loved how they played with light and dark on some of the buildings in sequences in Gotham and of course, London where most of the three books have been set.



I’ve enjoyed this crossover comic between Dylan Dog and Batman.  Roberto Recchioni did a great job of imagining the banter between Batman and Dylan and making it sound and feel very real. I loved the mystery and investigation around finding Killex. I also really enjoyed Joker explaining to Batman about why he thinks Killex is more of a a monster than he is. The Joker kills for thrills and does so with very human emotions like passion and do forth. Killex is stone-cold. He doesn’t take pleasure in killing or the suffering of his victims.  

Overall. This has been a great crossover and I would not be apposed to seeing more crossover stories between these two characters.

Batman/Dylan Dog (2024) #3
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