In Review: Batman: Curse of the White Knight (2019-) #6

Gotham City’s crushing curse is uncovered!

Synopsis: Gotham City’s crushing curse is uncovered! Everything Batman thought he knew about the Wayne family secret is turned upside down as Azrael and The Joker usher anarchy into Arkham-and after a final word with Jack, Harley faces an impossible choice!

Review: Sean Murphy’s Batman tale has a few more twists and plenty of action to boot. As this issue digs up some new information about Bruce Wayne’s ancestors.

The Story

Azrael has broken Joker and the other inmates out of Arkham asylum and while Batman learns more about his family from a Knight by the name of Jason Blood. Joker has kidnapped Harley Quinns children and plans to use them as bait to bring Batman and Harley to him.

The Artwork

Sean Murphy continues to pull double duty as both writer and artist on this book and the standard of work doesn’t suffer because of it. I loved the Seans take on the Gothic architecture of the city as well as the flashback sequences that he drew when the book was dealing with the story of Edmund Wayne. But he saves the best for last when he gives us one hell of a ding dong battle between Batman and Azrael who is dressed in a very high tec Batsuit that he has stolen.

Matt Hollingsworth continues to compliment Murphy’s artwork with some really nice colorwork. The color palette he uses totally suits the brooding tone of the book and each page is an absolute treasure trove of visual storytelling.


To say that I am a little in love with this story would be an understatement. Truth be told this is the first batman story have read since DC had its first run of 52’s back in 2012 and in so many ways it has reignited my enjoyment of the character and the world that he inhabits.

I look forward to the next issue to find out more. The whole history of Edmund Wayne and everything that involves is really interesting and fun to read.

Batman: Curse of the White Knight (2019-) #6
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