In Review: Batman #50 Cover Variants

Here are the descriptions for over ninety variant covers for this issue!

There are a lot of covers for this issue. So many, in fact, ninety-six of them, I had to separate them from the review of the actual comic. Hold onto something, this could take a while!

After the Regular cover and the four stated Variants within the actual book, the first variant is a Blank Sketch Variant, showing only the title and the and the publisher, issue, and price at the top and the credits in the bottom right. I enjoy these covers that allow fans to get an artist to create a one-of-a-king frontpiece, though on their own they’re not much.

Tyler Kirkham has done five variant covers. The A Variant features Batman and Catwoman holding each other, with the villainess’s back to the reader, her whip wrapped around the hero. In the upper right corner is the Joker, the lower right Harley Quinn, the lower left Bane, and the upper right Poison Ivy. This is nice, but busy. The B Variant has the same villain border, but now it’s Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle in the middle. The C Variant is the same as the A, just without any text. The D Variant is a sketch cover, but retains the villain border. Last is the E Variant, same as the D, but without any text.

Jock does four variant covers for Forbidden Planet. The first Variant has Bruce Wayne ripping open his tuxedo, mirroring Clark Kent changing into Superman. Nice, but really too dark. The Monochrome Variant is better, featuring the same image with a white background. The “Confetti” Variant is the same image as the original variant, but without text and now peppered with considerable colored confetti. There’s also a Midnight Release cover, but I couldn’t find an image of it.

There are three connecting covers by Frank Cho: The B features Catwoman and Nightwing, with the right part of the Dark Knight’s cape billowing behind them; the A has Batman standing upon a statue that has the number 50 on it and has two large bat heads on either side of the number; and the C has the left side of Batman’s cape, Robin, and Batgirl. All are outstanding.

Coliseum of Comics has three variants by Ale Garza which features the bride and the bridesmaids in their dresses: Selina, Harley, Poison Ivy, and two other women I don’t recognize out of costume are showing off what they’ll wear. The Trade Dress Variant features all the characters in color with the title, the Black & White Variant is the same image without colors: and the Virgin Variant is the same as the first, just without text.

Natali Sanders has four variants for Comic Market Street: the Trade Dress Variant showcases Selina in her dress against a white background; the Framed Variant has the image tilted in a frame with a pair of rings laying on it; the Virgin Variant cover is textless; and the Customer Appreciation Variant has the background colors changed to a charcoal black.

The first of three Midtown Comics’s variants by Joe Jusko begins with Selina in her wedding dress laying on the floor surrounded by her bouquet, her cowl, and goggles, as well as batarangs and Joker cards. The Joker Graffiti Variant is the same image, with purple and green tagging on it. The Virgin Variant is the same as the first, just textless.

The Neal Adams has done three variants: the first has Batman with his cowl ripped off, leaning in to kiss Selina whom he is carrying. The Joker spreads his hands joyfully behind them as the presiding priest. I like the illustration and the bright colors. There’s an Ink Variant and a Pencils Variant, but I couldn’t find an image of either.

Clay Mann does four covers for Comic Sketch. The first is the Trade Dress Variant which has large images of Bruce holding Selina and leaning to kiss her. Below them are their costumed alter egos looking down from the top of a building. This looks great! The True Romance Virgin Variant is the same as the previous sans text. Next up to the Joker Variant cover. This uses the costumed versions of the duo from the previous covers as cake toppers which a gigantic Joker is about to take a knife to. Nice. The Bloody Bat Convention Variant is just like the Joker Variant, but now has the knife bloodied and Catwoman and Batman with bloody smiles on their faces.

Another trio of variants hails from Eric “EBAS” Basaldua. The Trade Dress Varaint has Selina in her wedding dress holding violet roses in one hand and her whip in the other, which wraps around Batman. The Black & White Variant is the same as the previous, though without colors. The final variant is the Virgin which is the same as the first without any text. These three are okay.

Yancy Street Comics features a Variant by Dawn McTeigue. This is a fantastic frontpiece that has Selina’s back to the readers as she leans into Bruce who is holding her whip in his right hand. Behind the two are some beautiful curtains, flowers and ribbons. Outstanding!

Yesteryear Comics has three variants from Jason Fabok. Atop a rooftop, with five cats looking up at them, Batman and Catwoman strike poses, with, once again, the villain wrapping her whip around the hero’s neck. The Trade Dress Variant is fine, but the colors are very bland. The Black & White Variant is much better, as the color has been removed. The Virgin Variant is the same as the first omitting all text. These are just okay.

Comic Sketch Art also has the very talented Mark Brooks creating three covers. The opening cover is a remarkably detailed cover that features Selina in her wedding dress sporting a classy black veil with Batman right behind her. In the upper left corner is the Joker and at the upper right is Harley. The logo is in the bottom center and some spectacular violet flowers surround it. This is the Trade Dress Variant. The Convention “Goggles & Whip” Variant has Selina wearing her cowl and holding her whip. Very cool. The Virgin Variant is a text free image of the first cover.

Francesco Mattina does three Variant covers for The Comic Mint. The Joker holds a monstrous knife and is wearing the cake topper of the happy couple on his shoulder and he emerges from the wedding cake accompanied by green gas. The Black & White Variant is the same image, with only the greens of his hair and the stain on the knife providing color. Last is the Virgin Variant, which you should know what comprises it.

Dave Johnson has drawn an incredibly stylish Variant with Selina in her wedding dress. Black bats color the white dress, while several cats surround her. The red background really makes this pop! I want this!

A really sexy Variant is created by Jorge Jimenez by ZMX. Catwoman has her whip wrapped around the title character, leaning in to kiss him. On the image I found there was no text. It could be placed at the top or horizontally on the left. Whichever, this is good.

King’s Comics has Batman and Catwoman leaping downward, with the Dark Knight upside down clutching his cape to create a parachute, while the thief clutches his shoulders to kiss them as they fall. Great image by Guillem March.

Four different covers were created by Warren Louw for KRS Comics. The Trade Dress Variant has Selena in her dress, veiled in mesh by cat ears. Surrounding her all the different costumes she’s worn throughout the years. Very cool! The Black & White Variant is the same, though in black and white. The White Background Variant features the same image of Selina, but against a white background. The Black Background Variant has her against a black background.

Joshua Middleton does three covers for Ssalefish. I couldn’t find an image of the Trade Dress Variant, though I did find the other two: the Black & White Variant is a bust shot of Selina in her dress in a three-quarters view from her right side. Beautiful. The Virgin Variant cover is a colorized version of the previous and it, too, is beautiful.

The ring takes the focus on the Comic Pop Collectibles Variants by Mike Mayhew. The Variant cover shows a giant image of the couple’s ring, with a big bat on it and the inscription ETERNITY within it. Sparring before it are Batman and Catwoman. The Ring Variant features just the ring and I’m sure some fan will create a likeness of it soon. The Virgin Variant is the same as the initial comic, though with the ring image atop a silk setting. Pretty.

Three Connecting Variants are done by Joe Madureira. The B is the left side of the image showing Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batgirl leaping and flying to the right. The A has Batman swinging on a line holding Catwoman, who cradles his neck. The C features Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and the Joker racing to the left unhappily. This would be a great poster.

Surprise Comics has three David Mack Variants. The A has Catwoman and Batman in silhouette, which contains the horrific face of the Joker. Surrounding this silhouette is hot pink and the crazy font associated with Joker’s speech. The B is the same, sans Joker speech. While the C only features the silhouette. These are okay.

Greg Horn gets three Variants. The A has Bruce carrying Selina over the threshold with rose petals flying about them. The B has them dressed as their alter egos doing the same action. The background on this has become a pink that changes to gray as the eye falls. The C is the same as the B with the background behind and around the door violet.

Forbidden Planet Jetpack Comics has Jim Balent doing four covers. Batman has removed his cowl, while Selina is in her wedding dress, whip around her man’s neck. Behind them two wedding bells chime and bats fly out of them. There are several cats appearing from behind Selina. The B is in black and white, though both characters now wear their masks. The C is colored and masks are on. There’s also a Midnight Release Variant, but I couldn’t find an image of it. I don’t like the A cover because the characters’ faces seem off.

Three variants are also done by Lucio Parrillo for Scorpion Comics and Clan McDonald. The A has Batman and Catwoman grasping each other by the shoulders before a church that lightning is striking. Bats trail behind the Dark Knight. High above is the monstrous visage of the Joker. The B has all but the Joker in black and white. The C is the same as the A, without text.

Nick Derington does three Variants for Ultimate Comics. The A Variant has Batman holding Selina before a stained glass window which makes the face of the Joker. The B is the Black & White version of the A. Last is the Virgin Variant, which is the A without text. All three are really nice.

Dynamic Forces has five wraparound covers by Jae Lee. Against a white background is a giant yellow bat broken into segments that show the Bat and the Cat tussling over the decades. In the center of the right side, Selina has grabbed Bruce’s tie to pull him toward her and force him to his knees. On the left piece one can see she’s holding her whip. Wow! The Black & White Variant and the Virgin Variant should be self-explanatory. The Black & White Virgin Variant is also obvious as is the Pencils Variant. I like the first cover the best.

Batman and Selina are dancing closely (perhaps a tango?) as a black cat with wings looks at the reader from the bottom. I like the gray scale on the dark reds of the first Variant by Joseph Micheal Linsner for Galaxy Comics. The Sketch Variant is the same image without colors. The Virgin Variant is colored but without text.

J. Scott Campbell does six — that’s right, six! — Connecting Variants. Batwoman, Black Canary, a woman I cannot identify, and Robin are looking to the right. The C features Nightwing, James Gordan, and Batgirl, with her onĀ  her motorcycle, looking to the right. The A has Batman and Catwoman atop the Batmobile. The D has Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Clayface, and the Penguin looking to their left. The E has the Joker, Harley Quinn, and Ra’s al Ghul looking toward the right. There’s a Secret Variant that takes the place of the A cover with Batman holding Selina in her wedding dress before the Batmobile. I prefer this variant to the A.

There are three variants from Aspen Comics, all featuring art by Michael Turner and colors by Peter Steigerwald. The A has a bust shot of Catwoman accompanied by head shots of Harley and Ivy. This is against a dark violet background. The B focuses on the Dark Knight, whose cape billows before him. Poison Ivy gets all the focus on the C. All are worth tracking down.

The artist responsible for making Bombshell covers popular is Ant Lucia who does three covers for BuyMeToys. The Dress Variant has Batman and Selina in her wedding dress back to back. Behind the pair is a full moon, and surrounding this planetoid are several bats on a striking purple background. This is outstanding! There’s a Fade Variant which has the characters in black and white, with the violet background gray at the top and slowly returning to violet by the time it reaches the bottom. The Virgin Variant is what one would expect.

The F-I-N-A-L (that I could find) Variant covers are by Alex Ross. The first Variant features Batman with his cape drawn around him, Robin to his right and Batgirl to his left. Very cool. Very realistic looking. The Catwoman Variant is colored purple on white, with a classically costumed Catwoman laughing at the mischief from several of her feline friends. Beautiful! The Batman Variant is in black and white, focusing on a bust shot of the Dark Knight. Outstanding!


Could there be more Variants out there? I wouldn’t be surprised, but I have to draw the line with these! Best of luck to collectors. I hope your pockets are deep!

Overall grades: Blank Sketch Variant C, Kirkham A B+, Kirkham B A-, Kirkham C B+, Kirkham D B-, Kirkham E B-, Jock C, Jock Monchrome B, Jock Confetti A-, Cho A A+, Cho B A+, Cho C A+, Garza Trade A-, Garza B&W B, Garza Virgin A-, Sanders Variant B+, Sanders Framed A-, Sanders Virgin B+, Sanders Customer Appreciation C, Jusko Variant A, Jusko Graffiti B, Jusko Virgin A, Adams Variant A, Mann Variant A-, Mann Romance Virgin A, Mann Joker A-, Mann Joker B, Basaldua Variant B-, Basaldua B&W B, Basaldua Virgin B-, McTeigue Variant A, Fabok Variant C, Fabok B&W B, Fabok Virgin C, Brooks Variant A+, Brooks Goggles & Whip A+, Brooks Virgin A+, Mattina Variant C-, Mattina B&W C-, Mattina Virgin C-, Johnson A+, Jimenez A, March B, Louw Variant A+, Louw B&W B, Louw White Background A, Louw Black Background A+, Middleton B&W A+, Middleton Virgin A+, Mayhew Variant A, Mayhew Ring Variant A, Mayhew Variant Virgin A, Madureira A A+, Madureira B A+, Madureira C A+, Mack A D+, Mack B D+, Mack C F, Horn A A+, Horn B A+, Horn C A+, Balent A C+, Balent B A, Balent C B+, Parrillo A B, Parrillo B D, Parrillo C B, Derington Variant A+, Derington B&W A-, Derington Virgin A+, Lee Variant A+, Lee B&W B, Lee Virgin A+, Lee B&W Virgin B, Lee Pencils B-, Linsner Variant A, Linsner Sketch A, Linsner Virgin A, Campbell A A+, Campbell B A+, Campbell C A+, Campbell D A+, Campbell E A+, Campbell Secret A+, Turner A A, Turner B A, Turner C A, Lucia Variant A+, Lucia Fade D+, Lucia Virgin A+, Adams Variant A+, Adams Catwoman A+, and Adams Batman A+

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Patrick Hayes was a contributor to the Comic Buyer's Guide for several years with "It's Bound to Happen!" and he's reviewed comics for TrekWeb and TrekCore. He's taught 8th graders English for 20 years and has taught high school English for five years and counting. He reads everything as often as he can, when not grading papers or looking up Star Trek, Star Wars, or Indiana Jones items online.
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