In Review: BANG! #4

Paige Turnier: defenseless old lady or mastermind detective?

Synopsis: This month in Bang! Paige Turnier: defenseless old lady or mastermind detective? As Paige navigates these dual roles, superspy Thomas Cord realizes he has memories of this woman from before he was born . . . and these memories may be the key to protecting reality from those who would see it unraveled. ‘


The Story

This month’s issue of Bang! gives us the story of Paige Turnier. An old woman detective who is obviously inspired by Agatha Christies Miss Marple. We meet Paige Turnier while she is investigating a case and she is about to reveal the killer. Amongst the line up of suspects is Super Spy Thomas Cord who has memories of Paige from one of his past incarnations from a spy mission that took place 60 years ago.

Like with previous issues. Thomas introduces himself to Paige as she wraps things up and takes her and the others to the home of the writer that has brought them all together.


The Artwork

Wilfredo Torres has a great deal of fun with this issue. The artist gets to draw plenty of scenes that would not look out of place in an Agatha Christie mystery. I loved the iconic staging that we see on the opening page as Paige Turnier has her suspects lined up. Each suspect gets their own little visual story. The bellhop is a peeping tom. While the wealthy socialite is part of a smuggling operation. Torres gets to draw all of these stories and does so effortlessly.



Bang! continues to be another comic that I look forwards to reading. I’ve really enjoyed how writer Matt Kindt has gone out of his way to introduces us to the various characters individually as Thomas Cord brings them all together.

Things are going to get really interesting in the next issue as we begin to see this group of characters begin to work together.

Overall. A fun issue, which really appealed to the Agatha Christie fan within me.

You can get your own digital copy of this issue as well as all prior issues at ComiXology.

BANG! #4
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