In Review: Back to the Future #22

Time Served Part 1

Synopsis: On a mission to uncover the secrets that sent Jailbird Joey Baines to prison, Marty is trapped in 1972—and the DeLorean has vanished! Things go from bad to worse when Biff Tannen teams with 18-year-old Joey to break into a house… and they drag Marty along! Their target: Doc Brown’s mom!!!

Review: With Marty caught up with his uncle joey and a 35 – year old Biff. It doesn’t take long for the truth to come out. The truth behind why Uncle Joey was sent to prison.

Turns out he was trying to get into Biff’s gang and had to break into Doc Brown’s mom’s place in order to try and steal the Brown fortune.

In this issue Marty tries to talk himself out of the gang, but with very little success.

While all of this is happening Professor Irving winds up on a misadventure with some 70’s hippies while he searches for the time machine.

Overall this is a great issue, which takes advantage of some of Biff’s prior history. Especially when he thinks he recognises Marty from 1955. A situation that Marty talks himself out of by telling Biff that Calvin Klein was his father.

The stuff with professor Irving provides much comic relief to the issue as he bumbles around trying to figure out where the time machine is. But while he is doing that. The 70’s version of Doc Brown is getting a little suspicious. Although his handle bar moustache is still cracking me up.

Although this is part one of Time Served, it is pretty much picking things up from the story arc concerning Joey and just taking it a little further. It’s quite interesting to learn that Joey likely got in trouble because of Biff, which makes me wonder how the time line will change if Marty manages to keep his uncle joey out of prison.

The art by Marcelo Ferreira continues to be on the button. It’s obvious that he’s having a lot of fun with the 1970’s setting.

IDW, Bob Gale and John Barber are doing some really cool stuff here.

Back to the Future #22
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