In Review: Back To The Future #21

The secret life of Jailbird Joey Baines starts to unravel as Marty uncovers a family mystery that goes deeper than he ever imagined...

Synopsis: The secret life of Jailbird Joey Baines starts to unravel as Marty uncovers a family mystery that goes deeper than he ever imagined… but what role did Doc Brown play in the crime that sent Joey to prison?

Review: Picking up from the last issue. Marty and Professor Irving have returned to the parking lot where they left the time machine. But find the car no longer there.  This means two possibilities. Either the car has been stolen or Irving may have said something during his encounter with Doc Brown, which prevented the invention of time travel.

Acting on both notions. Marty goes off to investigate and try and find the car while Irving has another encounter with Doc Brown, which does not go to well.

While Marty is looking for the car. He encounters Uncle Joey and finds out that an old enemy could well have played a role in getting Joey arrested.

Like with last issue. The relationship between Irving and Marty is a lot of fun. Marty is very much the senior in this relationship having had more experience of time travel and its potential pitfalls. Whereas Irving is a lot more stressed about the whole thing and needs a bit of a nudge sometimes in order to engage his scientific brain.

The writing by John Barber continues to be the reason for me to come back to this title. He has the voices of Marty and the other characters from the film down to a science.

The art work by Marcela Ferreira continues to channel the Saturday Morning cartoon feel, but not at all in a bad way.

I’m loving how Barber has managed to capture a snap shot of 1972 and the decision to give Doc Brown a handlebar moustache is hilarious, but totally works.

Given that we know so little about uncle Joey from the films. This comic book series has done a fabulous job of filling in some of those blanks.

Back To The Future #21
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