In Review: Back to the Future #20

This second issue of the Hard Time story sees Marty having to deal with an uncomfortable family reunion involving his Uncle Joey. 

Synopsis: As a secret passed through time threatens Marty and Doc… but what can they do to set things right without making everything worse?!

Review: This second issue of the Hard Time story sees Marty having to deal with an uncomfortable family reunion involving his Uncle Joey.

Seeking answers Marty pays another visit to Doc Brown, but finds the Doc has gone on an errand so he has to speak with Professor Irving instead who is still on a path of redemption.

Irving takes Marty back to 1973 on the night that his Uncle Joey was arrested and finds that the victim of Joey’s crime was Doc Brown and his mother.

This is a wonderful issue for Professor Irving in terms of giving us a look at the character who has gone from a villainous rival time traveller to someone that is now working with Doc.

The back and forth dialogue between Marty and Irving was fantastic fun and really well written. I particularly enjoyed the wise crack that Marty made at the expense of the professors poor dress sense. Which as it happens befits a 1970’s Physics Encyclopaedia salesman.

The teaming of John Barber and Bob Gale continues to give us more fun and interesting stories with the Back To The Future characters and the introduction of Professor Irving has given this comic book series a little bit of a lift from a narrative point of view.

The art work from Marcelo Ferreria continues in the Saturday morning cartoon vein, which is great. I though the family reunion at the start of the comic made for some interesting characters from Uncle Joeys side of the family. I especially enjoyed the attention to detail on Joeys tattoos.

But the most fun is had when Marty and Professor Irving travel back to 1973. Where we meet the stereotypical hippie that yells far out when he sees the futuristic car. But most funny of all is the 1970’s version of Doc Brown who comes complete with handle bar moustache.

Over all this is a great second issue in the Hard Time story arc and I look forward to next months issue.


Back to the Future #20
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