In Review: Back to the Future #19

The secrets of Jailbird Joey threaten Marty and Doc—what did Uncle Joey do in the past that was so bad…

Synopsis:HARD TIME part 1! The secrets of Jailbird Joey threaten Marty and Doc—what did Uncle Joey do in the past that was so bad… and what does that mean for Marty in the present day of 1986? You can bet your bottom dollar that Doc Brown has a theory!

Review: One character from ‘Back To The Future’ that we never got to learn about in the films was Marty’s Uncle Joey.

This issue begins with an investigation into who Joey is and what he did.

When Joey is released from prison. Marty is annoyed because he has to give up his room and sleep on the floor in his brothers room.

When his brother makes an off hand remark about Marty and Uncle Joey being close. Marty is spurred into an investigation, which sees him interviewing all his aunts and uncles.

When he asks what Joey did to get sentenced to 14 years. None of them seem to know what he did.

Marty then goes to see Doc who has a surprising reaction and tells him to stay away from his uncle, but why?

I have give John Barber and Bob Gale credit for picking up on a character that all fans of Back To The Future will remember mentioned, but never got to see.

Making a mystery out of what Uncle Joey was sent down for is great idea. Even better is the fact that no one seems to know what it was that he did.

Marcelo Ferreira art in this issue stands out. I especially liked the opening few panels of Joey being walked out of the Jail by the guards.

I have to say. When I first subscribed to Back To The Future last year. I thought it was only going to be a short run. But if IDW continue to put out stories like this. I wouldn’t be surprised if they get to 40 issues.

A really enjoyable read and not even the tiniest hint of time travel thus far.


Back to the Future #19
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