In Review: Back To The Future #17

Too many Martys... but only one can survive. Or can he?

Synopsis: Too many Martys… but only one can survive. Or can he? Time travel gets confusing! But this issue provides all the mind-bending answers as Doc and Marty try to get out of the future—and figure out which “now” is theirs!

Review: Marty and Doc’s battle of wits with professor Irving comes to a mind bending conclusion in concluding issue to the Who Is Marty McFly arc.

Having evaded an army of Irving’s robots in the last issue to find his base of operations in the future. Marty and Doc had to figure out a way of getting back to their version of the now while simultaneously finding the time period in which Professor Irving began to break bad.

It all concludes in a dramatic stand off as Marty and Doc find where it all began and talk Irving down while evading deadly robots and the future Professor Irving who is not far behind them.

All is well that ends well, but trouble is Marty and Doc get stuck in 1986 for awhile, which is not the most hostile of time periods.

Its all wonderful stuff and the time travel stuff is fantastic.

It’s almost a shame that they prevented Professor Irving from breaking bad because he has proved to be a really interesting villain for Marty and Doc to go up against.

As ever the art work by Emma Vieceli works brilliantly with the story. The pages, which featured all of the inventions that Irving had reverse engineered from the future was wonderful. I mean seeing different versions of the iPod, which is now called something else was a lot of fun.

This has been a wonderful arc. A must have for those that buy the trade paperbacks.

Back To The Future #17
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