In Review: Back To The Future #16

The story continues as Doc and Marty finally figure out where the duplicate Marty McFly's are coming from.

Synopsis: The story continues as Doc and Marty finally figure out where the duplicate Marty McFly’s are coming from.

Review: The ‘Who Is Marty McFly’ arc continues and we finally get a few much anticipated answers.

Having figured out that the duplicate Marty’s were robots. Doc Brown and Marty look to try and put an end to Professor Irving’s evil plans, which involved their deaths and the flux capacitor.

There are some wonderful moments in this issue. One of the stand outs being Marty having to save Needles from the robot Marty. But for me the best was when Marty and Doc are left for a brief time in the ice age where they come close to being eaton by Sabre Tooth Tigers.

Professor Irving is proving to be a pretty good villain and its fun that he is so willing to mess about with the time line in order to improve his own life, but realises that in order to keep things as he wants. He needs to get rid of both Marty and the Doc

The writing by John Barber and Bob Gale continues to amuse, but the timey wimey stuff could prove a headache if you are not paying attention.

The art work by Emma Viecelli features some wonderful line work and depicts the action really well. I particularly enjoyed the pages she did that feature the tigers. I’d have loved for the story to have explored that time period a little more instead of yanking Marty and Doc back so soon.

Viecelli’s art is complimented beautifully by some great colours.

This story arc started out rather slow, but it is picking up pace now and I can’t wait to see how it is all resolved.

I only hope that they do not kill of Irving. He makes for a more interesting enemy that Biff or anything that we have seen thus far in this series.

Back To The Future #16
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