In Review: Avengers: No Road Home #7

A fun issue with lots of action, while the Hulk continues to scheme.

The covers: Two to locate if you can find the road to your local comic book store. The Regular cover is by Yasmine Putri and is a fantastic action image of a monstrous creature creating trouble for the heroes. It’s reeling back to attack Spectrum who’s flying around the beast and making a beeline for its face, the Scarlet Witch is using her abilities to blast the creature’s body, while Conan is doing what Conan does best and is slashing the monster’s body with his sword. Great character work, slick setting, and excellent colors. This is what an action cover should look like! The Variant cover by the extremely talented Phil Noto. Conan is front and center, swinging his sword about to strike at Nyx who’s moved to the side to avoid the blow. He grits his teeth in anger and her mouth is open in a snarl. Lucky for the hero, Rocket Raccoon is behind both of them powering up his gun to blast the baddie. Great action in this illustration with Conan and Nyx’s hair creating their movements and Conan really stands out with his colors, as does Rocket with his gun’s barrel going a strong violet. Excellent cover. Overall grades: Both A 

The story: Jim Zub, Mark Waid, & Al Ewing’s epic tale continues during the Hyborian Age in the evil city of Shadizar. Nyz has used Voyager to open a portal to this time period for her, Apate, and Dolos, and Oizys to crossover and collect the violet shard to claim its powers. As she gets close to the crystal her children Apate and Dolos morph into Hercules and the Vision. The story is narrated by Spectrum who reveals to the reader that the light based hero can create holograms to disguise friends or enemies. Putting two and two together, Nyx realizes that she didn’t kill Hercules and Vision last issue, but her children Apate and Dolos. This is a fantastic early reveal to the reader and an incredibly clever way to get the other three Avengers into the past. While this trio attacks Nyx and Oizys the story moves to the Nightmare Realm where the horrific host offers to send Hawkeye, Rocket, and the Hulk to anywhere they want in payment for their help in assisting him in defeating Hypnos. Their choice is funny and ominous, with one hero being incredibly threatening. Back in the distant past, the battle continues, with Wanda taking a good shot at Nyx and Conan unable to figure out whom he should be battling. The reveal on 15 is neat, but I have no idea where this is going, so I’m happy to be left hanging like the heroes. The ending is good, with one of the heroes fighting the one individual they are helpless before. I was worried about Conan fighting alongside the Avengers, but he’s actually in very little of this book, and what’s here is fine. That said, having Vision getting continually smashed up is getting old quickly. And with that said, this was a step up from the previous issue. Overall grade: A-

The art: The point of view in the first two panels is a great way to establish who’s in charge at the start of this issue. Paco Medina shows Conan and Wanda looking up and then Nyx and her brood looking down. This is a clever way to establish dominance and Medina makes it work. The change of the twins into the heroes is smooth and the large image of Spectrum on Page 3 is outstanding. This hero and Nyx look killer on 4 and 5, with Spectrum really impressing with her power. Though only on two pages, the Hulk continues to kill in his appearances, with the last panel on 7 making him a glorious menace. Page 8 has a neat setting with an outstanding exit. There’s a great emotional reaction from Nyx in the second panel on Page 10, that’s followed with a physical action that’s perfect. There’s a large amount of space devoted to a reveal on 15, but most of it is empty. The bottom half of the panel doesn’t contribute in any way to what’s shown. The action on 16 is great, with the casualness of a response god-like, that’s got an incredibly violent action just after it that is brutal. I love the final panel on 17 which visually informs the reader of something without the text needed to be read. The horror that’s occurring at the top of 18 is excellent. The final page is a full-paged splash that has a character enter the story to attack another. This was okay, but it’s a little unclear where this new antagonist appears from. Plus, the angle of this villain is really different. Just weird blocking. I’m liking the majority of what Medina does, though there are the odd moments occasionally. Overall grade: A-

The colors: Jesus Aburtov does a strong job on the book’s colors. I love the overwhelming violets in the first panel that smoothly lead to the shard that’s the focus of the second panel. The overwhelming blues and whites of the final two panels are a good lead in to the explosion of whites on the next page. The reds on 4 are cool. I like the strong yellows on the next page, giving a character some solid power. Green light provides some great highlights on the Hulk in his scenes. Reds return to the fighting when Wanda gets involved and they look sharp. When the Vision speaks his dialogue balloons are colored yellow which is a neat visual way to further separate him from humans. The blacks in the final panel on 17 are awesome. I particularly like how Nyx’s hand is swallowed in the ebony. There’s a lot of cool blues in the final panel, but I wish the colors were more transparent to emphasize this character’s true nature. Overall grade: A

The letters: The text of this issue includes narration and dialogue (the same font), scene settings, sounds, yells, Vision speech, and screams created by VC’s Joe Sabino. I am disappointed that the narration and the dialogue are the same font; it should always be two different fonts as they are two different forms of communication. The Vision’s speech is in italics to add another level of separation between the machine and biological creatures. I like the big font used for the scene settings which garners instant attention from the reader. The sounds and the yells are explosive and they put some major strength into the action. Overall grade: A

The final line: A fun issue with lots of action, while the Hulk continues to scheme. I was happy with the action in the Hyborian Age and look forward to seeing more of the Avengers and Conan in action together. I was worried a long relationship between the Howard hero and the superheroes would be clumsy, but it most definitely was not. This is an enjoyable superhero outing. Overall grade: A

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Patrick Hayes was a contributor to the Comic Buyer's Guide for several years with "It's Bound to Happen!" and he's reviewed comics for TrekWeb and TrekCore. He's taught 8th graders English for 20 years and has taught high school English for five years and counting. He reads everything as often as he can, when not grading papers or looking up Star Trek, Star Wars, or Indiana Jones items online.
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