In Review: Avatar: Adapt or Die #3

The origin of the disease remains a mystery, but a routine hunt may lead Eytukan to the shocking answer.

Synopsis: This month in Avatar: Adapt or Die The origin of the disease remains a mystery, but a routine hunt may lead Eytukan to the shocking answer. While Selfridge attempts to seize the crisis to his advantage, Grace utilizes human technology to aid in finding a cure, but Moat has a better idea . . .


The Story

Picking up from the last issue. Moat and Grace are still in the dark as to what has caused the mystery disease. However, the two continue to try their best to find a cure. Meanwhile, Eytukan suspects that the disease of human origin as he witnessed some humans dumping something in the water. But Moat is convinced that the disease has a different origin. Likewise, Grace feels the same and has begun testing various compounds on herself. One of which seems to have had an effect on her. Now Moat and Grace seek guidance from Pandora’s botanists who live high in the mountains.


The Artwork

Beni Lobel’s continues to capture Pandora’s landscape brilliantly and is helped immensely by some brilliant colorwork from Wes Dzioba. The book’s final image of Moat and Grace looking toward the mountains is a fantastic image to close on. 



This story continues to move along at a satisfying pace. The events of a virus taking out the indigenous life on Pandora is somewhat similar to what happened to many Native American tribes when the European settlers made America their home. Bringing with them strains of many viruses and diseases that the Native tribes had no immunity to. The interplay between Moat and Eytukan provides the backbone of this story as Eytukan’s anti-human views give him some compelling arguments. We also have some nice moments between Grace and Selfridge as the latter says that the disease could well make his job easier. Of course, Grace isn’t too impressed with Selfridge’s attitude.

Avatar: Adapt or Die #3
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