A common childhood ailment is revealed to be much more as symptoms among Na'vi children intensify.
Adapt of Die

Synopsis: In part 2 of Adapt of Die. A common childhood ailment is revealed to be much more as symptoms among Na’vi children intensify. As Mo’at searches for a cure, she worries the infection was caused by humans. Meanwhile, Grace makes a discovery–one that questions her role in this crisis.


The Story

Picking up from the last issue. The Na’vi Children after their visit to the Sky Peoples camp have all fallen sick with a mysterious illness. In order to try and get on top of things. The Na’vi Chief requests that the Sky People stay away from the camp while Mo’at desperately searches for a cure.

Meanwhile, Grace has found something strange in a strand of hair from her Avatar, which she suspects may be the cause of the Na’vi kids falling ill. To that end, Grace prepares herself to pay a visit to the Na’vi so she can speak with Mo’at.


The Artwork

Beni R. Lobel continues to do a brilliant job of bringing the world of Pandora to these pages. I loved the sequence of panels where we see Mo’at diving under water in order to gather some supplies for one of the potions that she tries on the kids. The artwork is greatly enhanced by some beautiful color work from Wes Dzioba who makes brilliant use of the woodland settings of Pandora to breathe life into the pages.



Adapt or Die continues to entertain with a story that could well be very much inspired by the initial settlements in America when the English put down roots in Jamestown. Its also a story that very much feels quite timely given everything that we have been through in recent years with the Pandemic.

Overall a solid story and thought-provoking story, which is an example of the types of stories that classic science fiction can tell. I.E. it’s not simply a good guys and bad guys kind of story. But a lot more nuanced.

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